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Tired of your learners collapsing at their desks in a writhing mass of boredom? The world of learning needs saving, and we’re here to save it.

“How?”, we hear you cry over the hacksaw snores of your slumbering staff. Awesome learning. That’s how. 1000’s of video-based training courses and blended resources, plus new courses added to your library regularly, free of charge. That’s our commitment to giving you (probably) the best learning content library in the universe.

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growing training library

Access to a growing library of training courses

Get access to our huge library of training content covering health and safety, compliance, management training and more (loads more, to be precise). This ensures that your staff are equipped with the skills they need to be successful.

new training courses

New courses added monthly, free of charge

New things for free? It’s not too good to be true; we love giving away things. As a subscriber, you get new courses added to your library regularly. And if you’re struggling to find specific training, we take requests too.

engaging video training courses

Video training that’s short, fun and engaging

All our learning content is video-based, a delivery platform which is proven to aid memory retention. And because we love you (and your learners), every video is under five minutes so everyone will just have to catch their zzz’s somewhere else.

blended training resources

Blended resources to help your learning stick

Many courses come with blended resources to support uptake and virality of learning including workbooks, infographics, factsheets, handouts, superhero outfits and more. OK – there are no superhero outfits, we lied. But you do get everything else.

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James HigginsJames HigginsSenior Talent and Development Lead
"We knew we would get massive value for the money. It was a no-brainer."
David SpaceyDavid SpaceyPerformance Support
"Simple, to the point, and business-focused."
Rob FosterRob FosterGlobal Head of Learning Technologies
"Engaging, bite-sized pieces of learning."
Marion WhittyMarion WhittyHead of Learning and Development
"A rare combination of high quality at a very reasonable cost."


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