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By November 20, 2017Content Announcements
Abrasive Wheels - Toolbox Talks

Do you remember that TV show, Robot Wars? Craig Charles got weirdly enthusiastic about robots destroying one another. Occasional fires, or at the very least smoke. Shredded metal flying. Whoops of excitement.

Wait, what were we talking about? Oh yes, our new course.

Abrasive Wheels. They’re complicated. They can sometimes look a bit like Robot Wars. They’re used in a lot of different contexts. And to be used safely they need the right training. Great news for you – they’re covered with this new course. Apologies in advance for the wheel-based puns…

It contains one elearning module (available in SCORM 1.2, 2004 and Tin Can xAPI), 5 animated explainer videos, 1 course description, 1 workbook, 1 transcript, as well as a course thumbnail and LMS badge.

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Safety training – ever feel like you’re going round and round in circles? Don’t worry, we’ll make it ‘wheely’ interesting. Sorry.

Abrasive wheels, or grinding wheels, are great for a whole load of machining tasks. And sometimes they look a bit like Robot Wars entries. But if used incorrectly, they could cause a real problem. If you or your team are using abrasive wheels – you need the right training. In this course, we’ll go through all the different types of wheel and what they’re used for. We’ll cover the hazards and share the correct ways to use, store, and transport them. Since, after all, the last thing you want is a serious injury for yourself or your team. Sounds like a lot of information, but wheel help you through it.

“Wheel”. See what we did there? Yeah, the same joke again… We noticed you didn’t laugh hard the first time so we’re going to keep telling it until you do.

Anyway – you’ll learn everything you need to understand abrasive wheels inside out, how to treat them, and how to protect yourself and others. You’ll be as efficient as ever. And if it all gets too much, we can always grind to a halt. So, join our training and you’ll feel informed, confident and safe using these machines.

Robots… are you ready for war?

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