April showers.

Well, it’s April, and we’re showering you with new courses and bad jokes, apparently. Be sure to check out our new Hospitality collection. This new collection will give you access to all the hospitality courses you’ve grown (bad gardening reference), to love!

Here’s what’s sprouted up for you in the April 2019 Release:

California Sexual Harassment Prevention for Employees 1.0 (US)

This course, we’ll look at the importance of sexual harassment policies to make sure you work somewhere you feel safe and can maintain healthy relationships with co-workers. It is every employee’s responsibility to prevent harassment, deal with it accordingly, in accordance with federal and California state laws. After completing this course, you’ll understand, the importance of working in a harassment-free workplace, what constitutes sexual harassment, and the policy fundamentals.

American Disabilities Act 1.0 (US)

The Americans with Disabilities Act, signed into law in 1990 and amended in 2008, offers broad protection to disabled individuals in the workplace, in public spaces, and in academia. Among the most significant is the broad scope of protection, by expanding the definition of the term “disability.” Any employer with 15 or more employees on their payroll for 20 or more calendar weeks must comply with the ADA, including private employers, state and local government, labor organizations, and labor management committees.

Promote Your Service Value 1.0        

Every company has its own service value.  And so do all of us. It’s what sets us apart from the rest. What makes us different, or special. Think about it, why do certain businesses keep you coming back? Every company needs a USP – a unique selling point. This course will get you thinking about your own company’s service value, And give you some ideas about how to differentiate yourself. After all, customer service is the thing that keeps your customers coming back. So, let’s figure out what sets you apart.

Soft Selling in Hospitality 1.0

Nobody wants a pushy salesperson bothering them as they sit down for a delicious meal or checking in to a hotel to relax. So, how does a hospitality employee push a product without appearing too pushy? Soft selling is a more passive style of selling where, instead of bombarding someone with every option, service, or deal available, you listen to what they’re looking for and make recommendations accordingly.  In this course on soft selling in hospitality, we will show you how a more casual, friendly approach to promoting your products can increase your sales, while making guests feel at ease and maintain a relaxed, hospitable atmosphere.

Customer Expectations 1.0

Customer service is a pretty broad term. What do we actually mean when we say it? Well, generally, we’re referring to the experience we are given by a business. It’s how they treat us, how they handle complaints or issues, and how they leave us feeling after an interaction. And these days, it’s increasingly important to get it right. This course will look at how customers’ expectations have changed, and how your business can actually benefit from it.

Course Updates

We are continuing to update the courses in our library to reflect any legislative updates.

Human Resources Collection

  • Global Anti-Bribery and Corruption 2.0 (US)

Health and Safety

  • Manual Handling 2.0
  • Lone Working 2.0
  • Asbestos Awareness 2.0

Care Certificate

  • Working Safely and Securely – Care Certificate 2.0
  • Privacy and Dignity 2.0

Until next month… if you need us we’ll be out in the garden!

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