CONTENT ANNOUNCEMENT – August 2018 Release

No build-up here, we know you’re busy. Check out the new content releases for August 2018.

If you don’t want to read the complete release notes, here’s a quick overview of the beautiful new courses you’re getting this month:

Four Sixty Second Skills Titles

You know the ones – they take the same time to watch as it takes Usain Bolt to run about 50 miles – all while still covering the key learning material, with room to go away and flesh out the points yourself with blended learning resources.

Specifically, you’ll see:

Coaching Others – Leadership & Management collection

As if developing yourself wasn’t enough, now you’ve got to develop others?! But wait, think about how much easier your job will be if your staff are better trained.

Still, coaching others is easier said than done. This course will give you the key things to think about while you build up your team.

Building Brand Loyalty – Marketing Hacks collection

Brand loyalty sounds like marketers’ wishful thinking. Customers have more on their plate than worrying about brands, surely? But then how many times have you driven past a fast food place and thought “I really fancy a *other fast food place*”?

This course will give you an idea of what it takes to get your company above your competitors in your customers’ minds.

Defining your Message – Marketing Hacks collection

For your customers to know what to think of you, you need to know what to think of you. You need a message. Figure out what you’re doing and then communicate it to your market. This course will help you do exactly that by giving you the key points to consider.

Finding your Voice – Marketing Hacks collection

You might know what you want to tell people about your business. Now, how do you want to say it? That’s your voice – the way you communicate, rather than what.

This course will help you figure out what communication style best suits your message and brand.

So, those were the amuse-bouches. Now for the chunkier main courses.

Internet of Things – Cybersecurity collection

Hot button topic at the minute, the ol’ Internet of Things. Connected devices, wearables – it’s buzzword bingo. But, like with everything, there are baddies out there. That’s why you need to know about the IoT so you can stay safe.

This course will give you an overview on what it is, some examples, and how to stay secure.

Presenting with Impact – Public Speaking Guru collection

Have to give a speech for work? You’ve written it; you’re confident going out there – now you need to actually do it.

Don’t worry. This course will run through the ways you can present your material to make the most impact, as well as tips on handling your audience effectively.

Gosh, we’re spoiling you.

But hey, got any ideas for new titles? Any feedback on existing ones?

We’re all ears.

Just email us at and let us know your thoughts.

Chelsey Slack

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Chelsey Slack is the Director of Product Management at Litmos Heroes. She has extensive experience in e-learning, in both developing and marketing online content. Chelsey is passionate about ensuring a quality, engaging learning experience that drives real business change.

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