CONTENT ANNOUNCEMENT: February 2019 Release

We wanted to brighten up your day and add a little sunshine with a gift basket of courses just for you! Unfortunately, there’s no coffee or chocolate, but there is a wealth of knowledge that we hope will continue making you successful every day!

Read on or view the full release notes to see the nine courses we’re delivering to you this month:

Helping Yourself and Others through Change – Personal Development

Change can be difficult, but if approached with a positive mindset, change can be beneficial for you and those around you. I swear it’s true!

In this course, we’ll show you how you can help yourself and others through change. We’ll take a look at how to think about change by examining the things you can control and the things you can’t, as well as some self-care tips to employ to keep your mind and body healthy during times of change.

What Makes a Key Account Manager? – Customer Service Collection

Okay, you’ve just about wrapped your head around Key Account Management (KAM) and why it exists. But, what kind of person does it take to be one of these Key Account Managers? What character traits should they have, and what things do they need to do to be great at their job?

This course will help you understand the vital characteristics of a Key Account Manager, the job role, and the things a KAM should pay attention to.

Negotiating Electronically – Sales Mastery Collection

There are key differences between negotiating electronically versus in person.  Should you email, text, or share something online? What are the differences and how do you know when to choose one over the other? You feel the pressure mounting … breathe and take this course.

The course will give you an understanding of the distinctions between negotiating electronically versus the alternatives, and as such, why you might choose (or choose not) to do it. If that choice is made for you, it’ll also help you figure out the tricks, and techniques you need to maximize your returns.

Handling Objections in Sales – Sales Mastery Collection

“No thanks, we’re not interested.” The dreaded sentence most salespeople (or sales staff) hate to hear. Do you walk away or look at that “no” as an opportunity to create a win-win between you and your prospect?

People are always going to have anxieties when it comes to spending company money. A vital skill a salesperson must have is the ability to overcome sales objections with precision and confidence. And luckily for you, this course is here to show you how.

There are also two courses in the Policy and Compliance collection that we’ve remastered and updated. They are:

  • Right to Work (2019)
  • Anti-Money Laundering (2019)

But wait, there’s more!

We also have two courses in the Care Certificate collection that we’ve updated:

  • Fire Safety (2019)
  • Introduction to Health and Safety (2019)

Now to conclude our updates, there is one course in the Human Resources collection that has been updated for you:

  • Right People Right Role (2019)

Nine courses, we hope bring a little sunshine to your day. Meanwhile, we’ll be busy creating more opportunities to add a little spring to your step as you hop along the path to greater learning.

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