It’s that time again! Gather round to hear July’s Litmos Heroes releases. And my oh my, have we got some good stuff for you.

Four 60-Second Skills Titles!

First up are four brand new 60 second titles – these are always ideal for quick and easy learning.

Here’s what’s included:

Relaxation Techniques – Health and Well-being Collection

We’ve reached the halfway point in the year. The sun’s shining, the days are longer, we’re at family barbecues, catching up with old friends, organizing holidays… it’s tough to actually get a minute to yourself.

Don’t forget to give yourself a second to stop and breathe. If you’re struggling to sleep or switch off at the end of your day, this quick course will give you tips. Aaaaaaaaand breathe.

Effective Brand Identity – Marketing Hacks Collection

What sets your company apart from your competition? If you’re unsure, we probably need a chat…

Most of us have favourite brands that we stay loyal too – whether it’s a giant sports brand we love, or our preferred Chinese takeaway. Why? Could be great customer service, intelligent marketing, or a respectable environmental message – there’s loads of things that make customers loyal. And loyalty stems from who you are, and how you present yourself.

With that in mind, this course will talk you through creating your brand’s individual feel and identity, as well as how best to connect with you customer base.

Team Activities – Leadership and Management Collection

Whether we like it or not – low morale affects everything. And what’s worse, it’s contagious. It can spread through a workplace like a horrible virus.

We’re all about keeping morale high, since it’s wonderful for productivity, your atmosphere, and the general happiness of your staff. So, keep it nice and high with some of our tips and ideas for team-building.

Dealing with Difficult Staff – Leadership and Management Collection

Hmm. It’s an uncomfortable one. You’ve got a tricky member of staff who requires a little more tact and thought. Maybe they don’t want to listen to you. Maybe they’re dragging down everyone’s spirits. As a manager, this can be frustrating and challenging. But it’s never impossible.

This course will coach you through dealing with those sensitive interactions.

And other, bigger titles:

Social Engineering – Cyber Security Collection

What on Earth is Social Engineering? It’s sounds like you’re building a perfect group of people you want to hang out with. It’s not. It’s about protecting yourself and your team from being preyed upon by hackers.

This explains how hackers will target actual people, rather than systems. Sounds personal, doesn’t it? Well, it is. Hackers can manipulate people and use a number of techniques to get what they want. This course will tell you all about the dodgy methods these suspect characters use: from phishing emails, to fake login pages, to plain-old stealing your notepad – we’ll discuss how people can get hold of your data.

Sexual Harassment Prevention in the Workplace (UK) – Policy and Compliance Collection

An unbelievably important topic, for absolutely every workplace. With the growing conversations we’re having around the topic of harassment, it’s vital for everyone in your environment to fully understand what sexual harassment actually entails. People’s behaviour has a huge effect on the rest of the team, and harassment can be lethal both for the victim, and the entire company.

Ensure your company is harassment-free, and get everyone on the same page!

And lastly, two more in the Leadership and Management Collection.

We’re really spoiling you now!

They are:

What all Leaders Need to Know about Managing Change

These will cover some hugely important parts of work life. If there is one thing in life that is constant, it’s change. We all experience change over time, and how we react as leaders is instrumental to how our teams cope and respond. Success requires enlisting the hearts and minds of your team to carry out change.

Gain Control of Work Life Balances

And as for work-life balances – well, we all know how tough it can be to manage. But if we’re constantly tuned into work, when are we switching off and you know, actually living our lives? Having a health work-life balance actually increases engagement, job satisfaction and productivity. Better yet, it’s good for you! Sometimes we forget that life isn’t just about work. No sweat – this course will cover it.

So what if you’re not a customer of ours but want access to all this great elearning? Just sign up for a free trial today – that’s it.

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