It’s hard to believe 2019 is half over! As the end of the year is picking up steam, our content engine is working full speed ahead! See the full release notes here.

Have you ever thought it would be beneficial to brush up on a second language? Just enough so that if you travel to another country you’d know enough to order a meal without pointing a hole through the menu.

In that spirit, we’ve got a load of new translated courses for you, as well as some updated with more recent data.

Here’s what you can expect translated this month:

  • New York Sexual Harassment Prevention ­– Spanish and German
  • Prospecting with Ease – Spanish and German
  • Promote Your Service Value – Spanish and German
  • Concierge Best Practices – Spanish
  • Soft Selling in Hospitality – Spanish
  • Customer Expectations – German
  • Information Security 101 – Spanish
  • GDPR – German

 Some sparkling new courses for you to peruse are:

  • Establishing Trust with Customers (Sales Mastery collection)
  • Personal Development – Practicing Patience (60-Second Skills collection)
  • Personal Development – Personal Vision Statements (60-Second Skills collection)

We’ve also updated two courses, so they are compliant with new standards.

  • GDPR Express 2.0
  • Subject Access Requests 2.0

We’d love to hear from you if you have any other ideas for courses.

Let us know what you think in the replies, and have a great month!

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