It’s March. And this month we’re all about Hospitality. So, we’ve been sharing stories about our least and most memorable holiday experiences around the office. Think about your most uncomfortable experiences. Anything spring to mind?

Personally, I met my fate surrounded by bedbugs in a Super 8 motel. Exhausted and at the back-end of a cross-country road trip, I went for an afternoon nap. About thirty minutes later, I woke up, looked down, and actually saw the bugs crawling away from me. Yep, they were that big.

It was a memorable moment.

Management’s halfhearted apology and a panicked room swap didn’t really cut it. The damage was done. It’s not like they could offer me a snazzy room upgrade or some free spa treatments to make up for it. But, they could have done more to make it right, which made the lasting bad impression even bigger.

Customer service is sometimes a lost art, but great customer service can be a game changer! Why not check out our ever-growing Hospitality collection? It’s loaded with great customer service tips you can use in the hospitality industry and beyond.

Hospitality – Concierge – Customer Service Collection

A concierge is a person who assists guests with personal services. To do any of these things, you have to be an expert on what’s going on locally. You need to be personable, but perhaps most importantly, you have to have the right mind-set.

This course is here to give you an idea of what your role is as concierge, the skills you’ll need, and how to be as effective as possible. It won’t assume prior, but if you’re an experienced concierge, there should still be some tips you can use. Plus, it’s always good to freshen up on the fundamentals.

Hospitality – Food Service Best Practices – Customer Service Collection

Serving means more than just serving food. You’re also there to serve the customer. You’re often your establishment’s only human point of contact, so it’s important you’re doing everything in a way that’ll satisfy your customers.

So if you’re involved in food service – especially as part of the waitstaff – this course will serve you up some knowledge.

Taking Care of Yourself First – Customer Service Collection

If you’re in a customer service or hospitality role –it’s a safe bet that you’re used to putting other people first. You give that great customer service, go the extra mile, and take care of others. While this is all wonderful, do you ever feel burned out? As service providers, we can sometimes put all of our energy into doing our job. Failing to look after ourselves or taking care of ourselves can mean there’s not always much left to give.

This course will come up with ways you can put yourself first, without sacrificing your great level of service.

New York Sexual Harassment Prevention – Human Resources

Each employer must be committed to maintaining a workplace free from sexual harassment, and every employee is required to work in a manner that prevents sexual harassment in the workplace. All employees in New York must complete the New York Sexual Harassment Prevention course by October 9, 2019.

Ultimately, this course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and confidence to effectively prevent and respond to any incidents of sexual harassment in your workplace.

Course Updates

We are continuing to update the courses in our library to reflect any legislative updates.

Human Resources Collection

  • SOX Compliance 101 (2019) (US)
  • PCI-DSS Compliance Standards (2019) (US)
  • PCI-DSS Relation to Data Cards and Equipment (2019) (US)
  • PCI-DSS and Wireless Use (2019) (US)

Care Certificate

  • COSHH Essentials – Care Certificate (2019)

Communication and Social Skills

  • Interview Skills (2019)

Leadership and Management

  • Inspirational Leadership (2019)

Policy & Compliance

  • General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) (2019)

Project Management

  • Introduction to Project Management (2019)
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