CONTENT ANNOUNCEMENT: November 2018 Release

November. It’s a funny month, isn’t it?

Now that the novelty of autumn leaves and crisp weather is wearing off, it’s occurred to you that it’s just dark all the time. With Halloween and Bonfire Night now just a distant memory, it’s now merely a countdown to the end of the year.

So, let’s take a second to appreciate this moment of calm before the utter chaos of December.

And what better way to enjoy this moment than to treat all of your lovely learners to a whole host of brand-new courses? Please read on and/or click to see the complete November Release Notes here.

First up is a chunk from our sizzling Sales Mastery collection. Because not all of us are naturally eloquent and persuasive types, most of us have to work hard at the craft, and that’s why these courses exist.

Always be closing
A sales masterclass, even if we do say so ourselves. Kind of goes without saying that in sales, selling stuff is important. If this is your focus, you need to ensure that everything you do is gearing towards selling, which can be tough to navigate. A must for any salesperson worth their salt.

Selling to power buyers
The pressure’s on. The pay-offs of selling to a large, powerful client can be huge. It can set you apart as a fantastic salesperson, give you the glory and recognition to push your career forward… oh, and something about commission too. Downside is it can be intimidating, and therefore difficult. Fear not, this course will help walk you through it.

Selling through questioning
Bet you had no idea how many different types of questions there are. When it comes to making those sweet, sweet sales, there are endless amounts. Open, closed, probing, leading, funnel… no, we’re not making these up. We’ll talk you through the different ways you can get the all information you need to push those sales forward.

Mastering cross-cultural negotiations
Cross-cultural deals can be a tricky business. Sometimes little things get lost in translation, even when there is no cultural difference. So there’s potentially an even bigger barrier when there is a cultural difference. It’s all about getting to know the person you’re talking to, and not taking certain things for granted.

And what about good old Customer Service – what’s new in that collection?

Introduction to Key Account Management
Key Account Managers. What on earth do they actually do? No, they don’t manage a load of keys. Trust us, we asked around.  We don’t want to spoil the ending or anything, but a Key Account Manager looks after your large high-spending accounts. This course will show you how they go about keeping your big clients happy and loyal.

Key Account Management in your Business
Now you know the Key Account Management basics – you’re ready to hear about how you can make way for it in your company, how to implement it, communicate it to everyone else, and what you can expect to achieve.

As if all that wasn’t enough, we’ve rebooted and updated a load of previous courses to ensure they’re nice and relevant for right now:

  • Texting While Walking (2018)
  • Lone Working (2018)
  • Move and Assist (2018)
  • Performance Reviews (2018)
  • Become an Effective Leader (Part 1) (2018)
  • Become an Effective Leader (Part 2) (2018)
  • Constructive Feedback (2018)
  • Communication Skills all Managers must Master (2018)
  • Developing Management Skills (2018)
  • Designing Effective Teams (2018)
  • Leadership versus Management (2018)
  • Managing Teams (2018)
  • Disabilities – Opening Doors to all Candidates (2018)
  • What is Diversity and Inclusion? (2018)


Remember, if there are any subjects you would like to see us turn into course titles or have any feedback on our current course library, don’t be afraid to get in touch! We always love to hear your thoughts!

Jasmine Ballard

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