CONTENT ANNOUNCEMENT: October 2018 Release

Darkness falls across the land,
The midnight hour is close at hand,
Creatures crawl in search of… an e-learning course,
To…educate their workforce…

With Halloween fast approaching, some wicked content this way comes in the form of the Litmos Heroes October course release! And my word, do we have some tremendous treats in store for you!

To start things off, we have the much-anticipated release of our all new Sales Mastery courses. In these courses we take a look at what you’ll need to become an unstoppable master of sales!

The courses include:

Time Management

“There are just not enough hours in the day, are there?”

We bet you’ve heard yourself say that before. Until you get that time machine prototype up and running, you’ll just have to manage with what you’ve got.

Luckily, this course is here to give you a hand with just that. It’ll give you some insights into why time management is just so critical in sales, as well as some handy methods you can use to manage your time more efficiently.

Navigating Gatekeepers

In sales, you’ll often find your path to the decision makers will be scattered with obstacles. One such obstacle is the gatekeepers.

Okay sure, they sound ominous. However, they’re simply not. Gatekeepers are basically the people who control who can (or can’t) get into contact with a company’s decision makers.

In this course, we shine some light on gatekeepers; who they are, how to interact with them, and the ways to you can sidestep them on your quest for sales.

Effective Listening

We all love to be heard, but we don’t always like to listen.

In this course, we explore just how crucial effective listening skills can be to the success of a sales pitch. In it, we go through why listening is such an important factor when communicating with prospects, and how to improve your listening skills with some simple tips and techniques.

We can already tell you’re all ears!

Sales Channel Partnerships

We know it’s a cliché but in business, two minds are better than one. Ask Johnson & Johnson, or Ben & Jerry, or Thelma & Lo…you get the idea.

Partnering is a no brainer, right? Collaborating with another business to advance your mutual interests can make a huge impact to your personal sales. But, are they right for your business?

In this course, we introduce you to the concept of sales channel partnerships and uncover their many benefits and drawbacks.


This month we’re also releasing two updated course versions from our Human Resources collection.

They are:

Defining HR (2018)

The importance of human resources should never be overlooked. The success of a company is intricately linked to the effectiveness of their HR department. HR encompasses everything from recruitment and training, to appraisals and conflict resolutions. This course takes a closer look at one of the most vital departments in any business.

Human Resources – Importance of Training (2018)

Everybody wants to progress, to learn new skills and develop the knowledge to take them to next stage of their career, but how do people truly learn? What are the most effective methods for training employees?

In this course, we have an in-depth look at the theories behind how people learn and give you the tools to put those theories into practice in a real working environment.


And finally, as an extra little treat, check out our Leadership – Stress Management course in the 60 Second Skills collection.

Whoa, those courses look so good it’s almost frightening!

Remember, if there are any subjects you would like to see us turn into course titles or have any feedback on our current course library, don’t be afraid to get in touch! We always love to hear your thoughts!

Danielle Rigby

Author Danielle Rigby

Danielle Rigby is the Director of Learning at Litmos Heroes. With experience both client side and extensive tenure in the learning technologies industry, Danni is passionate about customer enablement and providing L&D departments with sustainable, scalable ideas that transform training in their business.

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