CONTENT ANNOUNCEMENT: December 2019 Release

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Whether you say Merry Christmas, God Jul!, Hyvää Joulua!, Gledelig Jul!, Froehliche Weihnachten!, Feliz Navidad!, Joyeux Noël!, or Buon Natale!, the holidays are upon us. You might be celebrating in a sauna, sledding down a snowy mountain, pulling on rain boots, surfing in the sun, observing the eight nights of Hanukkah, or nothing at all – whatever you choose, we hope you end the year with peace and happiness.

Our last gift to you, as we close out 2019, are twenty-seven courses and a partridge in a pear tree!

Here are the new courses you can expect this month:

  • LinkedIn – Finding Job Candidates 1.0
  • LinkedIn – How Connections Work 1.0
  • Personal Development – Self-Esteem 1.0
  • Health and Wellbeing – Switching off from Work 1.0
  • Culture Series – Standing Up 1.0
  • Culture Series – Speaking Up 1.0
  • Culture Series – Owning Up 1.0
  • Culture Series – Valuing Diversity 1.0

We’ve also updated courses in our Human Resources, Health and Safety, Customer Service, Care Certificate, Healthcare Compliance, and Healthcare Revenue Cycle libraries:

  • Employee Rights – Labor Unions in the US 2.0
  • International Law for Expatriates in the US 2.0
  • Reverse Parking 2.0 (UK/EU)
  • Fire Safety Awareness 2.0 (UK/EU)
  • Dangers of Sleep Deprivation 2.0 (UK/EU)
  • Wire and Cable Management 2.0 (UK/EU)
  • Subject Access Requests 3.0 (EU/UK)
  • Introduction to Health and Safety 3.0 (EU/UK)
  • Bloodborne Pathogens and Your Healthcare Organization’s Exposure Control Plan 3.0 (US)
  • Why Emergency Action Plans Matter in Healthcare 2.0 (US)
  • Recognizing Abuse and Violence 2.0 (US)
  • Revenue Cycle Certified Professional I (RCCPI) Certification Exam 2.0 (US)
  • Revenue Cycle Certified Professional II (RCCPII) Certification Exam 2.0 (US)
  • Revenue Cycle Certified Master (RCCM) Certification Exam 2.0 (US)

We’ve added translated courses to our Policy and Compliance, Cyber Security, and Personal Development collections:

  • DSGVO Ausdrücken 2.0 (UK/EU) GDPR Express 2.0 – German
  • RGPD Exprimir 2.0 (UK/EU) GDPR Express 2.0 – Spanish
  • Geldwäschebekämpfung 3.0 Anti-Money Laundering 3.0 – German
  • Übersicht zur Cybersicherheit 1.0 Cyber Security Overview 1.0 – German
  • Emotional Intelligenz 1.0 Emotional Intelligence 1.0 – German

Enjoy the end of 2019 and we’ll see you again in February of 2020!

Reply with any thoughts you have, and we’ll get back to you. Have a great month!

See the complete release notes here.

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