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So, it’s that time of the month again. This month’s content announcement is here and we have a whopping 17 courses for you, pretty fantastic, right? All courses are released and are completely free to all subscribers!

Four new ’60 Second Skills’ courses

Everyone has a spare 60 seconds here and there throughout their day! While you’re waiting for that second cup of coffee to brew, why not multi-task and refresh your skills or gain new insights? We make learning so easy (and fast)!

That’s why we made the 60 Second Skills collection in the first place – saving you and your learners from boring learning, while saving you time in the process. This month we are releasing the following courses:

  • Life Hacks – Letting Things Go
  • Marketing Hacks – Word of Mouth Marketing
  • Marketing Hacks – Increasing Your Brand Visibility
  • Leadership and Management – The Key to Delegation

Be your company’s CSI Investigator

Cybercrimes are on the rise and it’s important to stay one step ahead of the criminals. These latest courses, part of the Cyber Security collection, will give you the tools you need to unearth the secrets buried deep in your digital devices; possibly providing the evidence you may need to aid in a criminal investigation. These courses will prepare you to protect your business from criminal activity and how to know if it’s happening. In this collection the new titles are:

  • Cyber Security Overview
  • Cloud Computing
  • Computer Forensics – Investigations

Check out a trailer here:

EU Competition Law

How often have you heard, “Competition is a good thing!” Sure, it can make people work smarter and faster. From a customer point of view, it allows them to shop for the best deal. But sometimes there can be a dark underbelly where groups get together to eliminate fair competition between businesses. This all-new course on EU Competition Law, part of our Policy and Compliance collection, will help you understand the regulations to keep business competition a fair and healthy thing in the corporate world.

Good leaders are the backbone to any business

Leading a team can be tricky sometimes – balancing all the responsibilities while keeping your team productive and happy. Our Leadership and Management collection helps you be the best you, learn to get the most out of your team and leave them wanting to do more! Check out these new courses:

  • Communication Skills all Managers Must Master
  • Performance and Feedback Coaching
  • How to Avoid and Manage Conflict
  • Essential Time Management Tools
  • Delegate to Save Time and Develop Your Employees
  • Building And Managing Your Dream Team
  • Conducting Effective Meetings
  • How To Hire The Right People

*Gasp* You Need a Give a Speech!

Does preparing for a speech make you break out in a cold sweat? No need to worry, we’ve got you covered! We’ve continued adding course to the Public Speaking Guru, part of our Personal Development Collection. Be confident when you step up to the podium that you’ve written the best speech possible! Take a look at our newest course, The Public Speaking Guru – Speech Writing.

So what if you’re not a customer of ours but want access to all this great elearning? Just sign up for a free trial today – that’s it.

Super simple. Super awesome elearning.

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