june 2019 release

june 2019 releaseIt’s June. No matter where you are the seasons are changing, welcoming sun or apprehensively welcoming storms, change is the one thing that’s constant.

Hurray for change!

We all love a holiday or vacation. A chance to have a break from the crippling pressures of everyday life with a fleeting week of rest and relaxation.

Although, do you ever feel a little silly when you can’t speak the language?

You try bumbling your way through the translation book you got last minute on Amazon, and sometimes you just get by. But mostly because you’re red-faced and smiling, looking clearly lost, so the locals take pity on you.

Let’s face it. Some things are lost in translation, aren’t they?

Can you see where we’re going with this?

We’re working tirelessly to bring new translated courses to our library. Now, our content has the ability to reach an even wider global audience!

Not to mention some more course updates and of course, brand new content!

How exciting. Let’s take a look at what’s new this month in our June Release Notes.


Translated Courses:

Policy and Compliance
General Data Protection Regulations 2.0 – Spanish

Concierge Best Practices 1.0 – Spanish

New Courses:

Cyber Security
Identity and Access Management 1.0
Network and System Compliance Auditing 1.0
Overview of Network and System Audits 1.0

Updated Courses:

Healthcare Compliance
Infection Prevention and Control Plans 2.0 (US)
Medication Errors and Safety 2.0 (US)
Translation and Communication in Healthcare 2.0 (US)
Understanding Organ Transplants and the Donation System 2.0 (US)

Health & Safety
WIP PPE Awareness 2.0 (UK/EU)
WIP Mobile Phones and Driving 2.0 (UK/EU)
WIP Your Personal Development 2.0 (UK/EU)

Care Certificate
WIP Communication – Care Certificate 2.0 (UK/EU)
WIP Fluid and Nutrition – Care Certificate 2.0 (UK/EU)

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