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litmos heroes course release notesIt’s September, and the year is winding down…

But just because the seasons are shifting and the end of the year is bearing down on us, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be bringing sunshine into each other’s lives. And how do we go about that?

Forget work for a second. In the bigger picture – how could we make the world a better place?

Well, at Litmos Heroes, we’re all about taking care of our fellow man.

And it helps to make sure we’re clued up on a few things. Mental health and stress, for example.

So, this September, not only have we taken some time to create new courses, we’ve taken great care to go through and update our ever-important care certificate courses. This way, we can all stay up-to-date and prepared.

It’s all about making the world a safer place for each other!

Here are our courses for this month:

New Courses:

Sixty-Second Skills
Personal Development – Preventing Procrastination 1.0
Communications and Social Skills – Giving Feedback 1.0

Translated Courses

Customer Service
PCI-DSS 1.0 – Spanish

Human Resources
California Sexual Harassment Prevention for Employees 1.0 (US) – Spanish
California Sexual Harassment Prevention for Employees 1.0 (US) – German
Sexual harassment Prevention for Supervisors and Managers – German

Updated and improved MOT courses:

Personal Development
Managing Stress 2.0

Care Certificate
Working in a Person-Centred Way 2.0 (UK/EU)
Mental Health Awareness 2.0 (UK/EU)
Safeguarding Adults – Care Certificate 2.0 (UK/EU)
Infection Prevention and Control 2.0 (UK/EU)
Basic Life Support 2.0
Managing Stress – Care Certificate 2.0 (UK/EU)

Human Resources
The U.S. Legal Environment in Human Resources 2.0 (US)
Providing Government-Mandated Benefits 2.0 (US)
Working with Unions and Bargaining Breakdowns 2.0 (US)
The Collective Bargaining Process in the U.S. 2.0 (US)

Healthcare Compliance
Culturally Competent Care – An Overview 2.0 (US)
Reducing Violence and Suicide Risks in Mental Health 2.0 (US)
Strategies to Meet Joint Commission Patient Safety Goals 2.0 (US)
Patient Safety for Ambulatory Care Centers 2.0 (US)
Understanding Latex Allergies in the Healthcare 2.0 (US)

Happy September!

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