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Housing crisis? Right to buy? What does it all mean? Social and affordable housing is a hot button topic. It probably always will be. At present, there’s a shortage of houses for people on low incomes or on benefits. So now’s the perfect time to find out more.

This course explores the details behind social and affordable housing in the UK and helps your learners to understand the fundamentals of social housing. It also looks at eligibility and how to apply, maintenance, and tenancy types. It contains one elearning module, eight animated explainer videos, 1 workbook, 1 transcript, as well as a course thumbnail and LMS badge.

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Before the 1980s, there were millions of Council houses across the UK. These were owned by local councils, providing low rent accommodation to individuals and families that could not afford to buy or rent privately. When the 80s hit, the ‘Right to Buy’ scheme was introduced. This allowed people to buy their Council House at a percentage of the market value. Over a million Council Houses were sold within 10 years. This has led to a shortage of houses for people on low incomes or on benefits. As a result, the government has introduced various affordable and social housing schemes. Seems like a perfect time to learn more about affordable and social housing then, doesn’t it?

This course will outline things like:

  • The definition of affordable housing
  • Types of affordable housing
  • Applying for affordable housing
  • Eligibility and applying for social housing
  • Maintenance of social housing
  • Different tenancy types

Ready to learn more?

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