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Argghh wires. Isn’t it frustrating how they always seem to tangle themselves, magically? We hate when that happens. Yep – this is a course about managing those wires. Seriously. Part of our Safety Six collection, this Wire and Cable Management course will help make your workplace safer and more aesthetically pleasing.

Poor wire management in the workspace is actually a massive hazard. So, without boring you to death (as that would kind of go against our non-boring learning mantra after all), we’ll take a look at how your learners can make your space beautiful, tidy, and safe, giving learners some great solutions for around the office.

It contains one elearning module (available in SCORM 1.2, 2004 and Tin Can xAPI), 4 animated explainer videos, 1 course description, 1 workbook, 1 transcript, as well as a course thumbnail and LMS badge.

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You’re Ben Stiller. We’re Jim Carrey. We’re The Cable Guy.

It…It was an OK movie from 1996. You don’t remember it? No, neither do they. We do have a point, honestly. Wires, cables, leads. Whatever you want to call them. We need to chat about how you arrange them. No, really. Poorly-managed wires around the workplace can create an endless amount of problems. There are so many hazards. Not only is it massively disorganised and time wasting, it could end up threatening your safety. So, if you’re guilty of living with a terrifying wire spaghetti monster, or you’re sick of your employees’ desks looking like a disaster zone, you should take this course. We’ll explain why it’s so important, and go over how to create a well-managed, beautiful cable system. It will make your work life easier, and your workspace far more aesthetically pleasing. Ha! And you thought cables didn’t matter. You were wrong!

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