Policies, Compliance, and You

By August 13, 2018Learning Content

Remember when you were a kid and your life was just a series of rules being thrown at you:

“You CAN’T go in there!”
“DON’T eat that!”
“That’s NOT for climbing.”

Yeah, being a kid was a drag wasn’t it? And I bet you said to yourself that when you were older, you’d be your own boss and you’d only abide by your own rules.

But then, adult life happened and all those dreams of individual autonomy came crashing down. Nothing’s really changed has it? Back in the day, it was making sure you followed the rule against eating glue in class, and now, it’s whether you are complying with GDPR at work.

Yep, nothing’s really changed…

All those rules didn’t disappear; they still exist. They’ve just evolved and grown into scary, confusing names like Policy and Compliance.

Now we’d love to tell you that Policy and Compliance was a brand, new cop show charting the lives of two grizzled, but by-the-book New York City cops called Kevin Policy and Gary Compliance. But unfortunately, we can’t.

Compliance ensures organizations stay within the parameters defined by legal rules or policies. And for instance, Data Protection, Food Safety, and Cyber Security are all examples of those policies, which require your legal compliance. I wish we were talking about cop shows, too.

You see, whatever the industry you are in, from hospitality to construction, it’s vital that you’re aware and understand the specific policies, regulations, and laws that are pertinent to you and your business.

Keeping up-to-date and compliant with these specific policies is the only way to safeguard your business and its reputation. Not to mention avoiding the potential costs and legal ramifications of non-compliance with the law, which can be massive. So, all in all, it’s necessary for legal compliance to be a top priority of any business.

The question remains then, how can you ensure your business stays on the right side of law?

Well, that’s simple. Utilize the proper policy and compliance training, obviously, professionally provided for you by Litmos Heroes. Not only is the content “not boring,” video-based, and engaging, it also gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your business and working practices are legally sound.

We offer the most accurate and extensive Policy and Compliance e-learning course collection out there! Our huge e-learning content library boasts more than 45 policy and compliance titles, including:

  • GDPR
  • Understanding Sexual Harassment
  • EU Competition Law
  • Tackling Hate Crime
  • Social Media Awareness
  • Understanding Cyber Security
  • Security and Privacy Controls

That’s just a sample of our courses. Please click here to see our full collection of Policy and Compliance e-learning courses.

Now, before I run off to go start working on that cop show, I’ll leave you with a word to the wise. Whatever your age, rules are unavoidable, so remember that it’s always better to be in compliance than in defiance!


Chelsey Slack

Author Chelsey Slack

Chelsey Slack is the Director of Product Management at Litmos Heroes. She has extensive experience in e-learning, in both developing and marketing online content. Chelsey is passionate about ensuring a quality, engaging learning experience that drives real business change.

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