The Growing Importance of IT Skills

By September 13, 2018Learning Content

We’ve all been there. Summoned to deliver intensive training by an older family member on their new computer, tablet, or phone. It can be a frustrating exercise, especially when they expect you to know the answer to every single question they have.

‘Why do I keep getting these updates?’

‘How did they get my email?’

Or how about this classic,

‘What’s my password for this?’

Let me stop you there. I don’t know. For a start, I’m just as bad. I’ve reset my passwords nineteen different times this week. You can be certain that I don’t know yours.

But there you sit, at the kitchen table, explaining to your parent/grandparent what a web browser is. Oh, and for the last time, why they don’t need to type ‘google’ into google.

Frequently, we find ourselves reminding our technologically-challenged dependents that we didn’t actually design the software ourselves.  

Yet, we have to understand. Because we’ve been there.

Technology moves on. And without sounding cliché, things really are changing. There are apps and programs out there to assist us with virtually every part of our lives. It can be difficult to stay ahead of the times, and everyone’s a little scared of falling behind.

So, why are IT skills so relevant now?

I mean, come on. We don’t really need to explain this one. Oh, we do? Okay…

Well, IT proficiency is a desirable, in-demand skill to have in your arsenal. Look at pretty much all job adverts today – it’s a fairly basic requirement to have a grasp on what you’re doing with a computer. And if it’s not in the advert, that because it’s assumed.

Picture the scene. Someone starts their first day in an office, and they’re asked to type out a letter. Simple enough… but they don’t know their way around Microsoft Word. Despite saying they were well-versed on Office at the interview.

That office would get really uncomfortable, really fast.

And it’s not just about what you have to use for work. It’s good to know certain programs that could help you out in your everyday life. Like a spreadsheet to keep your unruly finances in check. Or a presentation for your best man’s wedding speech.

The great thing about this day and age is that it’s pretty easy to learn things quickly. The internet’s full of explainer videos, tutorials and guides to help us with anything from changing a flat tire to learning ‘Hotel California’ on the guitar.

And when it comes to programs we need to use for work, (and home, remember) it’s really important we get great training that’s easy to understand.

With our ever-expanding IT Skills collection at Litmos Heroes, you can be sure to find what you need. So, go check out the large selection of IT Skills courses and see what you need to dive deeper into the 21st Century.  

Danielle Rigby

Author Danielle Rigby

Danielle Rigby is the Director of Learning at Litmos Heroes. With experience both client side and extensive tenure in the learning technologies industry, Danni is passionate about customer enablement and providing L&D departments with sustainable, scalable ideas that transform training in their business.

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