Today’s Sales Superstars Need a Masterful Set of Skills

Salespeople sometimes get a bad rap. Among the unfair stereotypes are images of slick, sunglass-wearing con-artists, trying to get their hands on your money no matter what. Pick your favorite iconic, hard-selling cutthroat from Glengarry Glen Ross to Boiler Room; there’s no shortage of pop culture characters giving salespeople a bad name.     

But those stereotypes are becoming less and less common in the information age. Now that consumers (both B2C and B2B) have access to nearly limitless online research, the role of salespeople has quickly evolved to meet the high expectations of hyper-informed buyers.

The Look of Today’s Sales Superstars

No pinky rings or gold chains required; today’s salespeople need a different kind of flash. They need mental poise, people smarts, social savvy, and communication sophistication. They need to be equipped with a wide range of tools and skills. They need to be ready to think fast on their feet (or from their desk chair) to engage with customers who may have spent the last five days reading about their intended purchase.

In this marketplace, the most successful salespeople will serve more as expert consultants than transactional, point-of-sale kiosks; (after all, people can buy online if that’s all they’re after). Rather, when consumers approach a human sales interaction these days, they’re seeking more than product bullet points. They’re looking for informed advice and guidance on what best serves their unique needs. Indeed, today’s salespeople need to dig deeper and take the conversation further than simply repeating language from the company website.    

Salespeople Need Modern, Masterful Skills

So, how can your company groom your Sales team to be strategic advisors to super smart buyers? How can you teach them to build relationships that bring customers back time and time again because of the value the salesperson brought to the table?

The simple answer is great sales training!

Of course, here at Litmos Heroes, that inherently means non-boring training that’s video-based, interactive, micro, and embedded into people’s regular workflows. That stuff should go without saying, so we won’t dwell further on those points today.

Instead, let’s talk about some of the relevant skills that progressive companies should want their salespeople to have, in order to crush their numbers and have fun doing it. We offer comprehensive Sales Mastery training that will bring your whole team up to speed in areas that go far beyond the basics.

Forget old-fashioned ideas about aggressive pitches and pounding the phone — the following are competencies that will have a lasting, positive effect on your pipeline, close rates, upsells, and repeat purchases:

  • Commitment and Consistency
  • Be Likeable
  • Do Your Research
  • Authority and Social Proof
  • How to Influence
  • Leave Something Behind
  • The Power of Silence
  • And many more…

Those are just a sampling of the available courses. Please go check out the entire Sales Mastery collection now.

Danielle Rigby

Author Danielle Rigby

Danielle Rigby is the Director of Learning at Litmos Heroes. With experience both client side and extensive tenure in the learning technologies industry, Danni is passionate about customer enablement and providing L&D departments with sustainable, scalable ideas that transform training in their business.

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