EBOOK: 10 ways to save your business from boring learning

save me from boring learning

Save your learners from plotting elaborate escapes in classroom environments. Save your learners from the stupor of the ‘next’ button. Save your learners from boring learning with this free ebook, jam-packed (that’s right) with great ideas from our customers for how to re-awaken and invigorate your training programmes. There’s some real gems in there.

Seriously. Can we please stop torturing learners with the next button? I once did a 133 slide elearning module, and the only thing I can remember was its length. The content just went WHOOSH, straight in one ear and out the other. That’s two hours of my life I’ll never get back.

Does this sound familiar? It does to us – which is why we made this ebook. We got ten of our rather lovely customers to share how they’re using modern learning techniques to drive engagement and culture changes in their business.

Bye bye, next button

What’s included in this ebook (besides innovative ideas and brilliant artwork):

  • Ten real customer examples of non-boring learning: Mott Macdonald, JD Sports, Specsavers and more share how they’re redefining learning in their business using video training and more.
  • Inspiration for better blends: Boring learning = bland, banal and beige and rarely blended. Learn how to use your existing assets to blend better and blow your learners’ minds.
  • Campaign for change: Keep learners engaged and connected to learning through campaigns and more.

Find out how to transform your training and keep your learners interested and connected to learning; just download this ebook today! You’ll probably fall in love with it and read it cover to cover, twice. Naturally. That’s OK – that’s what we made it for. You’re welcome.

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