EBOOK: Shifting Your Learning Culture – 5 Critical Lessons

Shifting Your Learning Culture - 5 Critical Lessons

The elusive modern learner. Yes, your learners are modern now (we’re not sure what they were before, mind) and whether you like it not they are used to constantly having a smartphone affixed to their faces. Never have they been more dexterous with their thumbs. Never has more time been wasted on crushing candy and killing birds with pigs.

We digress, but we did have a point… The point is, things aren’t like they used to be (for better or worse). And therefore, the approaches L&D departments use to connect with learners and capture the hearts and minds of employees also has to change.

Evolving your learning culture

So your LMS is clunky and siloed. Your learning content is outdated and built in Flash. That’s OK. You’re not.

You’re a super-human, evolving L&D professional and you can get past this.

So here’s some inspiration for you. Here we share with you five different ways our customers have driven real culture changes in their organisation by making changes to the way they create, deliver, launch, and measure training. Small changes, big steps forward.

What’s included in this ebook (besides non-boring brilliance, of course):

  • 5 critical lessons from customers: Our customers share how they’re changing the learning environment for learners. There’s examples and actionable information from Travis Perkins, Specsavers and more.
  • Gamification and incentives: Woohoo! Goodies. But how can they actually contribute to changing your learning culture? See how Mott Macdonald introduced it to make a change.
  • Campaigns and marketing virality: Keep learners engaged and connected to learning through campaigns and more – find out how from JD Sports and Carpetright.

We love to share with you, and our customers love to share with you too. Download this ebook today and start getting inspired to shift your learning culture to better suit the needs of your modern learner.

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