10 really good reasons to use video in training environments

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Wista video length matters

Let’s face it. We can’t ignore video anymore: it’s absolutely everywhere – and yes, we know not all of it is good (read: almost all of it isn’t good). But the really good stuff sticks; remember when a charity no one had heard of suddenly exploded onto our social channels when everyone started throwing ice water on one another? How about when everyone decided to become mannequins, for no apparent reason (the mind still boggles about where that one came from).

But the point is, video is here. It’s viral. It’s engaging. And it hooks people in, which means it’s the perfect recipe for training in the workplace [insert overused reference to how you use YouTube when you want to learn something].

You probably need some cold hard facts about why you should be using video to train your staff. Well, we’re here to help in that case – because if we take learnings from outside of L&D, we can extrapolate the following: Using video in organisational training will get learners interested in learning in the workplace, make training real, visceral and fun and ultimately drive engagement.

“Yay”, your staff will say, even if it is quietly under their breath…

The critical, cold, hard facts about video

We like marketing teams. They do a lot of the hard work for us; experimenting with what works and what doesn’t with the humans of the world, giving us the fruits of their labour that are ripe for picking. Thanks marketing guys.

It’s no surprise that video is present in almost every marketing strategy in 2017. We’ve seen native videos finally come to LinkedIn, Facebook has added both 360 degree videos and Facebook live in recent years – making the most of the dwindling, short attention spans of humans by making content more interactive and visual. It’s a no brainer – more video options means more time spent on Facebook. And with more than 1 billion people on Facebook, we reckon they know what’s what about their audience.

Yes, we know that Facebook isn’t the same as your LMS (wouldn’t that be nice) – but could you do more to create an environment that grips your staff and makes them want to come back? Video training can help with that.

Shorter is smarter

Wista video length mattersDid you know that video dominates your learners’ online activity outside of work? And that video length can have a major impact on the engagement of those viewers? As you can see in the diagram, the longer a video drags on, the lower its audience engagement, which is to be expected. However, what we find interesting is that videos under 1 minute still enjoy 80% viewer retention up to the 30-second mark, while videos 2-3 minutes in length still enjoy 60% retention.

To us, this chart means that your learners base how much of your training video they watch on how long they think it will take them to get the gist of it. Therefore, you don’t have to overload your production queue with short videos that just compromise on learning retention and outcomes. No no. It’s about quality.

In other words, 100% viewer retention is not the goal. Neither is virality. The goal is engagement from your target viewer, your learner.

Still not convinced? Here’s ten reasons why video is absolutely one bandwagon you should jump onto:

  1. Online video will account for 74% of all web traffic in 2017. That’s three quarters of all web activity. Training cannot be impervious to the video adoption revolution. Hop onboard!
  2. Ninety per cent of information understood by the brain is visual, implying that video is more effective at conveying information and boosting memory recall (in other words, great for training).
  3. 78% of people watch videos online every week, with 55% watching videos every single day. Your learners are comfortable using video and likely already expect to see in the workplace.
  4. The brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster and more effectively than text, capturing learners’ attention and holding it for longer.
  5. More video content is uploaded to the web in 1 single month than TV has created in three decades – folks really do love a video.

They’re already doing it without you

  1. 75% of business executives watch work related videos at least weekly –they’re already doing it without you being involved…
  2. 59% of senior executives agree that if both text and video are available on the same topic, they prefer to watch the video.
  3. 54% of senior execs share work-related videos with colleagues at least weekly.
  4. Video training is often much shorter than traditional training courses (like, five minutes vs fifty). This keeps learning bite-sized, consumable and maximising the short attention spans of your learners.
  5. Mott Macdonald used video training and increased engagement by 346% (we didn’t even make up that stat – it’s really real. Even we were impressed with that result.)

We know that last one wasn’t quite the unbias stat – but it’s true. Our customers are seeing a huge impact with completions and engagement after including Litmos Heroes into their training programmes.

Want to see how video can work in training? Get a free trial today and view our extensive library of video content and resources.


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