SAP LITMOS HEROES EVENTS: Let’s Get Together and Feel Alright

By September 10, 2019News

When you think of the big collective events, the gatherings, in the back half of the year, what do you think of?




No. Small spuds, them.

Below are the hot potatoes you really want tickets for. The SAP Litmos Heroes team will be showing face (and talking awesome content) at the following events:


  • September 19th 2019 – London
  • October 17th 2019 – Birmingham
  • November 14th 2019 – Manchester

If this isn’t your first rodeo, you’ll know all about our Launch Events.

If you’re new, strap in.

We get that any new product is a bit daunting, even if it’s just a new sponge. You know, like “Hmmm… this isn’t how my old sponge used to work!”

It’s even heavier when it’s something digital.

These launch events give you and our other customers a chance to talk about getting everyone started and set up using our products.

Sharing best practice, their own takes, and how to get the most out of it.

Ask questions, get involved, or just absorb the info. Like a sponge.


December 12th 2019 – Warrington

Did you attend the summer forum?

Right, picture that, but colder. And with Christmas decorations. Okay, you’re pretty much there!


Look for invites in the ePost with further details once we get closer to the times of the events.

You can also register on Eventbrite.

If you have any questions though, get in touch!

Avoid the FOMO!


Danielle Rigby

Author Danielle Rigby

Danielle Rigby is the Director of Learning at Litmos Heroes. With experience both client side and extensive tenure in the learning technologies industry, Danni is passionate about customer enablement and providing L&D departments with sustainable, scalable ideas that transform training in their business.

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