60-Second Skills

Short, snappy learning. We’ve crammed all the super awesome training of Litmos Heroes into 60 seconds of stellar sessions. Covering topics such as marketing, personal branding and more, this collection maximizes your minimal free time, as well as making the most of your extremely short attention span….Oh hey look, an owl!

Health and Wellbeing – Switching off from Work

We’ve got some really simple pointers for unwinding from the stress of the day, and making sure the rest of your evenings and weekends are work-free, fun, and something you enjoy again.

Personal Development – Self-Esteem

It’s normal to sometimes have a lack of confidence. In this course we discuss self-esteem, talk through some of its health benefits, and some techniques you can use to strengthen your self-esteem. 

Communications and Social Skills – Resolving Conflict

  Conflict is a part of life. There is no avoiding it. Especially at work. So, you may as well tackle it head on.

Personal Development – Memory Skills

Our memories will often times vary from precise and vivid to unreliable and vague. But fear not as our memory faculties can also be developed and fortified.

Communication and Social Skills – Giving Feedback

Feedback is essential in the world of work. We all need feedback to progress and develop. Without it, we’d all stagnate.

Personal Development – Preventing Procrastination

Let’s be honest with each other, it’s difficult getting things done. We’re all guilty of squandering our time on trivial things instead of the important ones.

Communication and Social Skills – Receiving Feedback

Being able to take feedback in a gracious, productive way is not only great for others around you; it hugely benefits your own development.

Personal Development – Personal Vision Statements

Personal vision statements is a statement which outlines the things you want to accomplish. It’s almost like your own personal guide to success!

Personal Development – Practicing Patience

In this practicing patience course, we will teach you why patience has such positive effects on your mental health, as well as sharing tips on how you can practice patience when you find yourself feeling frustrated. 

Leadership and Management – Stress Management

What this sixty-second course will do is give you a little bit of background on stress in the workplace, and give you a few actions you can take to get yourself in control of it.

Marketing Hacks – Finding Your Voice

The way you communicate with the world is one of the cornerstones of your identity. How you choose to express yourself will define the public’s perception of your entire company.

Marketing Hacks – Defining Your Message

A brand message is the purpose a company exists. It’s a mission statement. It’s what a company is trying to achieve and why they are trying to achieve it. It is the foundation of all marketing output and informs every aspect of a brand’s identity. 

Marketing Hacks – Building Brand Loyalty

Building brand loyalty is a tricky thing. You see back in the old days, satisfying consumers’ needs was simple. All you needed to do was keep prices low and your service reliable.

Leadership and Management – Coaching Others

Developing your staff is win-win. It’s symbiotic. Point is, your staff members get to improve, and you get improved staff members. It’s easier said than done though, and you’ll need to consider a few things before you begin. 

Health and Wellbeing – Relaxation Techniques

It can be tough to relax. We’re wired up from work, from fiery arguments in business meetings; from going through hundreds of emails a week; from sitting in rush-hour traffic. Everyday life can be exhausting. 

Marketing Hacks – Effective Brand Identity

Creating an effective brand identity is the bedrock of a successful marketing campaign. You see, without one you’ll simply fade into background. Brand identities are a lot like peacocks, lighthouses, and fireworks – the ones that stand-out are the most likely to succeed. 

Management and Leadership – Team Activities

Team activities can be a bit of a mixed bag. You go through all the hassle of planning them, and when they start, in the back of your mind, “Is this a waste of time?” They needn’t be. They can be very useful. 

Management and Leadership – Dealing with Difficult Staff

Whether you hired them yourself, or they were thrust upon you, employees are people, and people aren’t perfect. There’s a good probability you’ll have to deal with a difficult staff member as manager.

Leadership and Management – The Key to Delegation

Given that delegation is one of the most important business skills it’s a wonder that people don’t do it more often. You’ll discover new techniques used by the world’s most successful business people.

Marketing Hacks – Word of Mouth Marketing

According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers will believe recommendations from friends and family over all forms of advertising. So, positive word of mouth is really rather important for any business. 

Marketing Hacks – Increasing Your Brand Visibility

Brand visibility is the process of a brand entering the subconscious mind of a consumer and increasing the awareness of your brand in the minds of consumers on all channels.

Health and Wellbeing- Letting Things Go

Life can be full of disappointments. Things go wrong, people let us down, and we mess things up. The sooner we accept we can’t affect and change everything, the better our lives will be.

First Aid – Bleeding

Bleeding can make us uneasy. It’s not just that it’s kind of gross, it’s also that some of us are unsure of how to handle it. Don’t stress – we’ll tell you everything you need to know to handle blood.

Health and Wellbeing – Importance of Sleep

Not getting enough sleep can have a horrible effect on your life. Not only will you walk around exhausted all day, it can weaken your immunity to illness and diseases.

Health and Wellbeing – Avoid Burning Out

Modern day life can be heavy. Responsibilities can pile on top of us, and once you’ve hit that wall you’re tired, stressed and emotional.

Health and Wellbeing – Positive Thinking

Bet you think that some people are positive, and some people are negative. And that’s the end of it, right? A positive mindset is something you can choose to have.

First Aid – Secondary Survey

The Secondary Survey is an assessment you carry out once you’ve dealt with any life-threatening danger, and while you wait for an ambulance.

Marketing Hacks – Video Pitches

Sitting through pitch meetings can often be the worst. Dull, rambling and usually by the end you’ve forgotten what’s actually being pitched.

First Aid – Primary Survey

We all like to think we’d know how to react if we found someone in serious danger, but if it came down to it, would you know what to do?

Life Hacks – Work and Life Balance

Work and life balance is an expression used to describe the time we divide between our work life and our home and social life. Often, the balance can be tilted.

Management and Leadership – Learning Styles

An introduction the real theory behind how  learning styles work and how you can use that information to maximize your and your team’s learning.

Management and Leadership – Innovation and Culture

If you’re not doing something new, people – customers, staff – will get bored.  Learn the benefits and dangers, as well as the best ways to foster an innovation culture.

Personal Development – Networking

One of the key ways of generating and nurturing business relationships is through networking

Personal Development – Habits

You’ve probably picked up and dropped hundreds of bad habits in your lifetime, some without even knowing it. You know what bad habits are, find out how to eliminate them.

Personal Development – Personal Branding

What do Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates have in common? Besides wallets that’d crush you if they fell on you. They all have a personal brand. Want one?

Personal Development – Self-Limiting Beliefs

Self-limiting beliefs are ideas we have about ourselves that hold us back, like we’re not capable enough to achieve our goals. Why do we have them?

Personal Development – Mentoring

Whether formal or informal, related to youth, education or the workplace, mentoring can have several positive effects for everyone, we aim to show you.

Management and Leadership – Inclusive Leadership

Wan to know how to get the most out of your team? Specifically, the ideas from their brains? Sounds like you need Inclusive Management.