Communication and Social Skills

Communication is more than talking and listening. It’s making the most of meetings, learning how to interview better, and generally learning how to actively communicate in the workplace. Learn how to do that with these courses.

Interview Communication

Whether you are interviewing for a job or interviewing someone else, it’s important to understand the proper way to conduct an interview.

Overcoming Barriers to Workplace Communication

There are many things people do to throw up barriers, whether they mean to or not, being able to listen properly without imposing obstacles is a discipline unto itself.

Proper Grammar – Adjectives

  Writing professionally means polishing your grammar. After all, the way you speak in casual conversation and the expectations for business writing are different.

Proper Grammar – Introduction to Verbs

What does it mean to be a professional? It means you have to think like one, act like one, and, of course, write like one.

The Business of Communication

No organization can function if its members do not communicate effectively and understand each other. Few businesses can grow without innovation and refinement.

Communication and Channels

There are advantages and disadvantages involved with different types of communication and how they flow between different levels of employees.

Lead by Listening

Listening is the one skill that most employees say is truly important for supervisors to have. With effective listening as your foundation, you can accomplish a lot as a leader.

Understanding Communication

Communication is the process of exchanging information between individuals. Ensuring that this information is correctly received is vital to organizations and businesses

Understanding Linear and Circular Communication Styles

We have all encountered people who annoy us when they speak. Often, these clashes in conversation are due to differing communication styles.

Advanced Spelling – Suffixes and Capitalization

Brushing up on these rules will help you become an expert in written communication in the workplace.

Communication Channels

What is the best way to communicate within an organization? Communication is an important part of organizational life, and helps companies function effectively.

Communication Barriers

Everyone knows communication is the  key to helping an organization succeed. But what happens when there are barriers to effective communication.

Proper Grammar – Advanced Pronouns

The deeper you get into grammar, the more rules you find. You may know some rules instinctively, but many of them are unfamiliar.

Proper Grammar – Conjunctions

Conjunctions serve a purpose, but do you have a clear understand of what it is or how it is used properly?

Spelling – Applying the Office Dictionary

It is important to learn about the information found in dictionaries and the rules for some common forms of pluralization.  These simple rules will make your writing concise and professional.

Subject and Verb Relationships

The subject of a sentence is the person, place, or thing that is the main focus of the sentence. In order to ensure subject-verb agreement, you must be able to…

Using Clauses and Sentences

Sometimes a subject can be more than one word or even an entire clause. How do you know for sure?

Decoding Indirect and Direct Messages

The point of our communication is to get people to do their work and do it well. Being too direct can upset or hurt self-esteem, causing employee work to suffer.

Workplace Communication – Presentations and Nonverbal Communication

Business presentations can make or break your plans, as well as draw in or repel your audience.

Common Word Usage Errors

  There are many errors that people make every day; the more you know these errors, the better your formal style will be.

Everyday Word Usage Blunders

  Without knowing it, the cadence of our speech and patterns that we use may be incorrect.  Learn to avoid these common errors.

Office Spelling – Confusing Homonyms, Compounds and Negative Formations

  Learn to unravel the complexities and improve your writing.

Proper Grammar – Advanced Verbs

As you become familiar with the use of adverbs, your writing and your speech will be more impressive and effective.

Communication and Ethics

In order to maintain ethical communication, businesses must be able to properly manage crisis situations and communicate with people from different cultures and experiences.

Introduction to Pronouns

In your written correspondence, you should pay very close attention to the mechanics of your writing, not only to satisfy your boss, but also to help promote your own career.

Basic Uses of the Comma

There are standards and formalities in punctuation that you must fully grasp, not only to satisfy your employer, but also to help promote your own career.

Proper Grammar – Articles, Determiners, Quantifiers, and Interjections

Focusing on these different parts of grammar will help you write and speak proper English.

Proper Grammar – Prepositions

This will both help you communicate more clearly and also appear more professional in business settings.

The Period, Question Mark, and Exclamation Point

Punctuation makes a text clear. It tells us when to pause, indicates questions, links ideas, and adds expression.

Transitions, Repetition, Parallelism and Avoiding Redundancies and Clichés

It’s essential to create respectable writing, upholding the reputation of both you and your organization.

Proper Grammar – Nouns

Reviewing the different parts of speech will help you write and speak proper English, improving your ability to communicate professionally.

Using Predicates, Objects, Complements and Modifiers

When you write, are you able to identity what the predicate is? Can you explain the difference between the direct and indirect object?

Advanced Uses of the Comma

Commas may seem like a small part of your job, yet their absence or presence in your writing can result in different interpretations of a sentence.

Italics, the Apostrophe, Dash and Ellipses

There are many aspects of writing and grammar that are easy to forget or often times overlooked.

Modifiers and Sentence Structure Varieties

Writing, even business writing, is an art. Sharpening these skills can help you produce clearer, more convincing writing that can benefit you professionally.

Pronoun Problems

People frequently misuse parts of speech, particularly pronouns, which are often confused with each other. You should make an effort not to misuse pronouns in your professional writing.

Proper Grammar – Introduction to Adverbs

Many people don’t remember studying English grammar in school. For those that do, remembering all the rules can be difficult.

Semicolon, Colon, and Quotation Marks

The sole purpose of punctuation is to make the text clear, but many are confused about when to use a Semicolon, Colon, and Quotation Marks.

Typical Word Usage Problems

Some of these errors may not matter for colloquial use but are incorrect for formal speech and writing, which is the only kind you should use in business.

Using and Identifying Phrases

Other people will see and judge your writing; if they find mistakes, then you will be less credible in their eyes.

Good Communication

Miscommunication, which when we fail to communicate clearly, can cause very serious consequences.

Correct Word Usage

Many writers frequently misuse or misspell words, which eliminates the effectiveness of your writing.

Parentheses, Brackets, the Hyphen, and the Slash

The sole purpose of punctuation is to make the text clear, but many are confused about when to use Parentheses, Brackets, the Hyphen, and the Slash.

Proper Grammar – Advanced Adverbs

The use or misuse of adverbs can change the meaning of your writing and undermine your authority.

Manage Meeting Personalities

Discover how to combat the most deadly and dangerous meeting assassins and maintain maximum productivity.

Making Meetings Matter

The best way to enhance productivity and increase engagement is to change the way the meetings we spend so much time in are designed, led, and experienced.

Interview Skills

Be so good that they can’t ignore you. This course can help you to improve your interview skills and make you stand out from the crowd.

Business Report Writing Skills

This course provides tips and advice to make any report you create look the business!

Agenda Setting

A simple meeting agenda, distributed in advance, is perhaps the most important tool in ensuring a successful productive meeting. Find out how to set agendas effectively.