Customer Service

Ensure your staff know how to keep your customers happy. So incredibly happy that they just won’t shut up about happy they are. That’s the sort of happy we’re aiming for here. These training modules help with that.

What Makes a Key Account Manager

Okay, you’ve just about wrapped your head around Key Account Management and why it exists. But, what kind of person does it take to be one of these key account managers?

Cultural Awareness in Hospitality

Gaining cultural awareness is a great way to understand how each of your customers would like to be treated. Hospitality employees should use your knowledge of different cultures to provide excellent service.

Upselling in Hospitality 2019

Upselling can be thought of as a tricky proposition in hospitality, especially when you think of sales as being a pushy hard sell. It doesn’t need to be though. In fact, it should be viewed as a win-win.

Introduction to Key Account Management

You’ve heard of account management. It’s like sales, right? And customer service? But what about key account management? Learn what a key account is, what a key account manager does, and the benefits.

Key Account Management in Your Business

Appointing a key account manager gives these clients a dedicated person to ensure everything runs smoothly. It gives them everything they need, on time, and regularly.

Vulnerable Customers

This course explores how companies can adopt policies to help them interact with and effectively service vulnerable customers in a considerate and empathetic way.

Stellar Customer Service Best Practices

This course will cover the best practices of industry leading companies who provide stellar customer service.

Is the Customer Always Right?

Exploring the intended meaning behind the question, “Is the customer always right?” equips you with techniques for turning customer problems into opportunities.

Five Steps to Problem-Solving and Diffusing Upset Customers

Here you’ll learn all about the five-step approach to customer service while diffusing upset customers.

Excellence in Customer Service

When it comes to business, our clients have all too many options So what can you do to stand out and become their number one choice time and time again?

Handling Customer Complaints

Learn some effective strategies for turning a complaining customer into a corporate advocate.

Mastering the Telephone: Basic Skills

It’s no wonder that to be successful in any business, you must be able to communicate effectively by telephone.

Identifying and Exceeding Customer Needs

Learn the process of uncovering customers’ needs, exploring and categorizing those needs and turning them into opportunities.

Telephone Etiquette

Every conversation you have with customers shapes their perception of your company. Ensure your telephone etiquette is up to the task.

Customer Service Success

Consumers now rate customer service as the most important factor when deciding to do business with a company. This course can help you improve your customer service.

Customer Loyalty

This course will help you to maximise customer loyalty through your customer skills.

Complaint Handling

Complaint handling is a skill vital to retaining customers. This course will help to improve your ability to handle complaints.