Cyber Security

Ransomware, cybersecurity, data hacks. All this sounds very scary, doesn’t it? Well – it can be, but not if your business takes the proper precautions and gets prepared. Covering areas such as cloud computing, malware and the Internet of Things (IoT), this collection helps your business stay safe against hackers and ransomware.


Si no lo hace, se coloca a usted mismo y a su equipo en riesgo. Este curso le brindará una perspectiva general del panorama de ciberseguridad y sus elementos clave.

Identity and Access Management

Identity and access management is all the processes that keep your network safe and secure. IAM is the structure you have to protect your employee, contractor, and client data.

Overview of Network and System Audits

The point of a system audit is to make sure everything is in order, and evaluate your organization’s IT infrastructure. Modern companies are increasingly computerized, making sure your business could survive a cyberattack is a vital preventative measure.

Network and System Compliance Auditing

Compliance auditing is so important. You need to make sure everything within your system and networks are above board so that they meet all the rules and regulations required of them.

Cryptography 1.0

Cryptography is the art of creating codes to encrypt information – meaning to jumble it and make it unreadable – and keep it secret. It’s all about encoding data, so that only the people who were meant to see it will see it.

Malware and Viruses

Whether it’s work or at home, we all use computers. Sadly, there are people out there who use them for bad. So, we’ll tell you the different types of malware you need to know about, who creates this software, and why.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is all about how different devices connected to the internet. After all, it’s not just IT people it affects, both our professional and personal lives are affected by these changes. 

Social Engineering

The course is an overview of social engineering techniques. It’s designed to help you understand where threats to your data are coming from, and how you can protect yourself. 

Computer Forensics – Investigations

Computer Forensics can unearth the secrets buried deep in computers, phones, tablets and cameras. They could be full of criminal evidence needed for a case or prosecution. 

Cyber Security Overview

The majority of us use computers, so it’s vital we know how to keep our data nice and safe! We’ll give a great, comprehensive overview of the cyber-security landscape.

Cloud Computing

The Cloud has been as huge development in the field of data storage and sharing. While it’s nothing to fear, there are also data risks associated with its use. 

Ransomware Prevention – Preventing Attacks and Contingency

Since Ransomware attacks can be a terrifying thing to happen to anyone with personal data, or any businesses with customer data, stopping attacks is imperative.

Types of Ransomware, Acts, and Obligations

We’ll explain the different types of ransomware, and what they do. We’ll talk about the laws that make this criminal activity, well, illegal.

Ransomware and Cybercrime

Cybercrime is rife, and you we want you to understand how to protect yourself from it. Without the right protection and preventative measures, Ransomware can prey on you.


Ransomware is malicious software that holds your personal files hostage, makes them unreadable, and demands a payment to release them.