Finance Skills

We could all be better with money. This course collection provides a range of critical business skills to help your employees be more confident with accounts, budgeting and more.

The Cash Flow Statement

This course will give you a simple breakdown of cash flow that’s easy to follow and understand.

The Balance Sheet Explained

This bite sized module looks at how the accounting equation forms the basis of a company balance sheet.

The Accounting Equation

The accounting equation measures financial position using assets, liabilities, and owner equity.

Income Statements Made Simple

This module breaks the income statement into its simplest terms and shows you how it is organised.

How to Maintain a Healthy Cash Flow

This learning module will give you a simple six-step plan to ensure cash keeps flowing into your business.

Financial Documents 101

Ensuring staff efficiencies, will increase your productivity and revenue.

Finance for Non-Finance Managers

Accounting can seem impenetrable and mysterious – but you just need to understand it. This course can help.

Costs, Volumes and Profits

Break-even or target profit calculations are also identified, giving your staff the financial knowledge they need to navigate the financial health of your organization.

Cash Flow: Statements and Logistics

By educating your staff on the importance of organizational finance structure and analysis, you increase productivity and profitability.

Capital Budgeting Methods and When to Use Them

Learn a a variety of analyses for capital budgeting investment. Includes two gateway calculations ands two advanced methods for more detailed analysis.

Budgeting Basics

Budgeting is a critical communication tool. A successful approach is described in a step-by-step manner with the intent of maximizing buy-in from employees.

Budget like a Boss

This learning module provides you with a six-step plan for stress-free budgeting.

Analyse Financial Health with Ratios

This course busts through the jargon and uses simple examples to explain ratios, a great way to analyse accounting statements.