Health and Safety

These Health and Safety courses cover everything from mandatory compliance modules to wider health and safety issues. Keep your workplace and employees safer with this range of training.

Forklift Training  (UK/EU)

We’ll explore the risks and statistics associated with forklift safety, as well the legal requirements and key safety principles you’ll need to know.

Driver Safety Awareness (US)

With road crashes representing the most common cause of work-related fatality, driving for work purposes is a considerable risk to a worker’s health and safety.

COSHH Essentials (UK/EU)

Chemicals and other hazardous substances can put your health at risk, the law requires employers to control exposure to such substances under the Control of Substance Hazardous to Health regulations.

Reverse Parking

Learn the best practices of reverse parking in this course.

Speeding on Site

Speeding on site. Why do so many people do it? Learn why it’s a common problem, why it’s so dangerous, and how kicking the habit will benefit you.

Wire and Cable Management

Not only are your mass of cables annoying for everyone around you, they’re pretty dangerous. Poor wire management in the workspace is actually a massive hazard.

Holding the Handrail

“Hold the handrail.” Okay, got it. Next? Hold your horses. There’s more to it than that. Stuff you mightn’t expect. Be safe.

Health and Safety in the Workplace

This course provides the tools employees need to make both safe and legally compliant decisions when faced with normal daily scenarios.

Ergonomics: Steps to Minimize Workplace-Related Injuries

Take a look at various workplace factors—such as ergonomics, computer usage, lighting, ventilation and air quality—and mechanisms to maintain employee health.

Why Emergency Preparedness Matters

Emergency preparedness is essential in every working environment. Learn how to respond to emergencies and keep everyone safe.

Bloodborne Pathogens and Your Exposure Control Plan

In this course, learn more about your workplace’s exposure control plan regarding bloodborne pathogens and other potential hazards.

DSE Awareness

This DSE tool can be used to help you complete a self-assessment of your workstation.

Infant CPR

Know how to safely provide life-saving CPR on an infant at the very basic level will give you the confidence to help when needed.

CPR Basics for Everyone: Adult and Child

Knowing the steps to CPR, as well as other emergency techniques, can be the difference between life and death.

Texting While Walking

Everyone knows walking while texting is dangerous. But how dangerous? And is there more to it than the safety side? This course will explore these questions.

Slips and Trips

This course will give you an understanding of the dangers of slips and trips in the workplace.

See It, Sort It, Report It

The best plans to prevent accidents are the simple ones. It doesn’t get simpler than See it, sort it, report it. Find out exactly what that means.

PPE Awareness

In this PPE Awareness course, we will explain why not taking PPE seriously can have devastating consequences.

Mobile Phones and Driving

Make a commitment to be phone safe when driving. This course covers the facts and everything you need to know to be phone safe when driving.

Manual Handling

35% of all workers are exposed to the risk of carrying or moving heavy loads for at least a quarter of their working time. Learn about proper manual handling.

Introduction to Working Safely

This course will help you understand why Health and Safety matters so much by exploring H&S legislation and discussing the consequences of getting it wrong.

Hazard Identification and Risk Control

Hazard and risk. You’ll no doubt hear these terms at lot when at work. Often “hazard” and “risk” are freely used to mean the same thing. Discover why they’re not.

Fire Warden Essentials

This course looks at the reasons fire wardens are necessary.

Fire Safety Awareness

This Fire Safety Awareness course provides general advice on fire safety and also provides guidance on substances that cause fire and explosion.

Driver Safety Awareness

The aim of this course is to raise driver safety awareness and put a STOP! to driving-related accidents.

Dangers of Sleep Deprivation

The modules in this course explore why sleep is so important and provide learners with knowledge and techniques they can use to ensure they get a better night’s sleep.

Asbestos Awareness

This course will teach you the nature and properties of asbestos and its effects on your health and what to do if you come across it.

Lone Working

It is important to consider how you can work as safely as possible when you’re alone. This short course explains the dangers of working alone.

Staying Safe in the Workplace

In this course, we’ll summarize various workplace hazards-such as fire and radiation-and identify safe and appropriate measures you should use to ensure safety of yourself and your coworkers. You’ll come…