The Hospitality collection is imperative for anyone in the hospitality industry. Whether you are in customer service, front desk, or housekeeping – and everything in between – excellent customer service is important to provide the best experience for your guests.

Customer Expectations

Customer service’ is a pretty broad term. What do we actually mean when we say it? Well, generally, we’re referring to the experience we are given by a business.

Soft Selling in Hospitality

Nobody wants a pushy salesperson bothering them as they sit down for a delicious meal or checking in to a hotel to relax. So, how does a hospitality employee push a product without appearing too pushy?

Taking Care of Yourself First

As service providers, we can sometimes put all of our energy into doing our job. Failing to look after ourselves or taking care of ourselves can mean there’s not always much left to give.

Hospitality – Food Service Best Practices

Serving means more than just serving food. You’re often your establishment’s only human point of contact, so it’s important you’re doing everything in a way that’ll satisfy your customers.

Hospitality – Concierge Best Practices

A concierge is a person who assists guests with personal services, you have to be an expert on what’s going on locally. You need to be personable, and have to have the right mindset.

Cultural Awareness in Hospitality

Gaining cultural awareness is a great way to understand how each of your customers would like to be treated. Hospitality employees should use your knowledge of different cultures to provide excellent service.

Upselling in Hospitality

Upselling can be thought of as a tricky proposition in hospitality, especially when you think of sales as being a pushy hard sell. It doesn’t need to be though. In fact, it should be viewed as a win-win.