Policy and Compliance

A must for any business, this extensive collection includes using social media, to anti-bribery, money laundering, information security, and more. Make sure your business is compliant with this collection.

Contract Management

This course outlines the fundamental concepts of contract management, and explores the activities used to administer the contracts you have, or put, in place as part of your business agreements.

PCI-DSS  – German (UK/EU)

In diesem Kurs erhalten Sie einen Überblick über die Grundlagen der PCI-Sicherheitsstandards.

PCI-DSS  – Spanish (UK/EU)

Estándares de seguridad de datos de la industria de tarjetas de pago (PCI DSS).

Seguridad de la Información 101

Aprenderemos sobre las políticas de seguridad corporativa: por qué existen y el importante papel que usted desempeña al implementarlas.


Dieser Kurs umfasst alle wichtigen Aspekte der DSGVO, die Sie kennen müssen. Und sie zu kennen ist wichtig. Die Folgen einer Unwissenheit sind so gravierend, dass Sie sich damit befassen möchten.

Reglamento General de Protección de Datos – Español

Este curso cubrirá todos los aspectos importantes del RGPD que usted debe conocer. Y es importante que los conozca ahora.

Overview of FCRA (US)

Consumer rights laws, like the Fair Credit Reporting Act, have been created to ensure the protection and accuracy of an individual’s personal information.

What is FCPA? (U.S.)

This training isn’t intended to make you an expert on the FCPA, however, it will provide an overview, and help you spot red flags and how to deal with them properly.

Sexual Harassment Prevention in the Workplace

Sexual harassment is unwelcome conduct from a boss, co-worker, vendor, or customer. Learn key information about sexual harassment and what to do if you witness or experience it.

EU Competition Law

EU Competition Law. It’s a bit of a big one. There are loads of regulations, and different articles to understand. Most of us don’t have law degrees, so it can be hard to swallow.

Challenge 25

It can be confusing knowing what forms of identification are acceptable, and what age you’re supposed to be checking. And that’s before the potential minefield of having to estimate how old someone looks.

Understanding Sexual Harassment – What Everyone Needs to Know

Harassment is unwelcome conduct from a boss, co-worker, group of co-workers, vendor, or customer whose behavior creates a hostile work environment.

Data Protection 2017

Individuals have a legal right to their privacy and in these technologically advanced times keeping your personal data protected is vital and required by law.

GDPR Express

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force on the 25th May 2018 understand the new law and how it affects you and your company.

Preparing for an Active Shooter Situation

An active shooter situation is becoming a very real problem in the US, You hope you’ll never need to know what to do in this situation, but being prepared is…

Dealing with Extremism and Terrorism Awareness

The knowledge is the first step towards dealing with extremism and terrorism in the workplace. Putting it in practice is the second. This is important everywhere.

IT Security for the Remote Worker and Business Traveller

This course is going to look at the risks, the consequences of breaches, and some solutions.

Tackling Hate Crime

Hate can’t be tolerated. Neither can crimes. That’s why they’re crimes. So hate crimes are bad twice. They’re double bad.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will replace the existing data protection framework under the EU Data Protection Directive. You need to be aware how it affects you and your…

Bribery Act

This course is designed to assist companies with clear, practical advice on anti-bribery systems that constitute ‘adequate procedures’ for compliance with the Bribery Act.

Consumer Rights

The Consumer Rights Act that came into force in 2015 provides shoppers with additional protection. Learn about these changes.

Environmental Awareness

This course will help you understand your obligations in relation to environmental laws and maintain a sustainable and reputable business.

Freedom of Information Act

Find out what the Freedom of Information Act is, and how it is applied in the workplace.

Harassment and Bullying at Work

Bullying and harassment of any kind cannot be tolerated in the workplace. Its effects can be very harmful.

Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace

Healthy and well-motivated employees can have an equally positive impact on the productivity and effectiveness of a business.

Mental Health at Work

Mental health problems at work are common. This course can help to explain how mental health can affect the working environment.

Modern Slavery

Slavery is closer than you think and is something still happening today. Find out all about modern slavery with this course.


This course will help you understand the basics of the PCI security standards and how to put your knowledge into practice where you work.

Right to Work

If you are responsible for the recruitment and employment of individuals, then you must carry out a right to work check. This course will teach you all about right to…

Social Media Awareness

What is social media? And why is it important? This course will help you to answer these questions.

Understanding Cyber Security

Advances in technology bring huge opportunities and benefits, but also risks. This course can help to understand what to consider.


This course contains everything you need to know about blowing the whistle on workplace wrongdoing.

Cyber Security Risks and Social Media

This course discusses how social media affects you and your employer. See our recommendations to follow to protect yourself and your employer.

Information Security 101

Learn about corporate security policies—why they exist and the important role you play in upholding them.

Workplace Security: What You Need to Know

Thanks to hackers, computer viruses and other threats, disclosing your organization’s sensitive information is just an unknowing click away.

Mobile and Portable Device Security

Learn best practices for using your mobile at work, as well as how to protect your device and the sensitive information held within it.

Cyber Security: How to Stay Safe Online

Learn various ways criminals access critical information so that you can better protect yourself, your clients and your organization from security breaches.

Privacy 101: Get to Know the Basics

It’s important, now more than ever, to learn about information privacy. The sophistication of technology complicates the once simple term of privacy.

Current Trends in Privacy

Changes in technology can create frustration and confusion; the same can be said about understanding privacy.

Privacy and Online Behavior: How to Protect Yourself

If it’s possible to compromise the account of someone like Mark Zuckerberg, whose Facebook account was compromised in 2016, what risk do the rest of us face?

Global Privacy Law Fundamentals

Understanding global privacy regulation helps us understand, and do a better job of, addressing the concerns of our customers and business partners.

Security and Privacy Controls

As technology continues to evolve, we need to accept that the scope of security and privacy challenges is intensifying.

Personal Social Media Use at the Workplace

Anything done on a company-owned computer is owned by the company; it can be monitored at any time, just as the company can monitor personal emails on the company account.

Using Social Media to Represent Your Employer

Sometimes, employees handle corporate social media accounts, or speak on behalf of the company online, even if this does not occur through an official corporate account.

Consequences of Careless Social Media Use in the Workplace

Employers must recognize the risks associated with social media use in the workplace and take steps to effectively manage them.

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter Policies for Every Employee

The biggest mistake people make on social media is letting their posts live forever.

HIPAA Privacy and Security 101

Learnthe basics of HIPAA privacy, security and breach notification laws, electronic health records (EHRs), and health information exchanges (HIEs).

Anti-Money Laundering

With a maximum jail sentence of 14 years, do you know all you should about money laundering? This course can help to make sure you do.

Alcohol and Drugs at Work

Drug and alcohol misuse has serious implications for employees’ health, safety and performance in the workplace.

Working Safely and Securely – Care Certificate

Wherever you work, it’s important to know how to work safely.

Safeguarding Children – Care Certificate

Safeguarding is the action taken to promote the welfare of children and protect them from harm. This course will help teach you about safeguarding children.

Safeguarding Adults – Care Certificate

Adult safeguarding is a way of working and thinking that protects adults with care and support needs, and every worker has a part to play.