Project Management

Managing projects can be complex, and not everyone knows how to do it well. This range of courses helps to better prepare for projects, through to development, testing, launch and closing.

Project Design

Too often, project teams focus on solutions, before gaining a clear understanding of the business objectives. The project design stage is your opportunity to get this right.

Introduction to Project Management

Leading or taking a role in a project team is an excellent learning opportunity and can really help you improve your career profile.

Training and Business Readiness

It’s human nature to resist change and it’s down to the project manager to understand the reasons behind the resistance. This course can teach you how to get your organisation…

Support and Benefits Realisation

Benefit realization is about making sure you actually get the intended benefits originally planned for your project. The course shows you how to develop your own benefits realization plan.

Project Strategy and Business Case

This course looks at the importance of strategy and will show you how to make your own projects stand out from the crowd with a well prepared business case.

Project Preparation

Failure to prepare is preparing to fail, and a lack of plan can land your project in all sorts of problems. Learn how to prepare your project using this course.

Close Your Project Successfully

When you get to the end of a project it can be tempting to overlook a critical final task of the project manager – conducting project close. This course can…

Project Development and Testing

This course covers why testing and development is important during a project.