Sales Mastery

Being a sales master is more than an eloquent spiel. It’s about influencing, asking questions, qualifying leads, and closing the deal. Equip your sales staff with the strategies needed to sell better in business.

Aufbau eines Vertrauensverhältnisses zu Ihren Kunden

In diesem Kurs betrachten wir daher, warum Vertrauen im Verkauf so wichtig ist, und stellen Ihnen einige Tipps und Techniken vor, wie Sie Vertrauen bei Ihren Kunden aufbauen können.

Establecer confianza con los clientes

Por lo tanto, en este curso analizaremos por qué la confianza es tan fundamental para las ventas y le ofreceremos algunos consejos y técnicas para que pueda establecer confianza con sus clientes.

Establishing Trust with Customers

Trust. It’s the true foundation of any strong, long-lasting relationship, isn’t it? And the importance of trust is no more evident than when it comes to sales.

Kundenakquise leicht Gemacht

Der Versuch, Neukunden anzuwerben, ist etwa so, als wolle man einen Hasen fangen. Und wer einen Hasen fangen will, braucht eine Karotte. Bei der Kundenakquise ist Quantität ebenso wichtig wie QUALITÄT.

Captar Clientes con Soltura

Captar clientes es una cuestión de cantidad, pero también es una cuestión de calidad. Quizá el problema más evidente al hablar sobre captar clientes son las emociones involucradas.

Handling Objections in Sales

People are always going to have anxieties when it comes to spending company money. A vital skill a salesperson must have is the ability to overcome sales objections with precision and confidence.

Negotiating Electronically

The course will give you an understanding of the distinctions between negotiating electronically versus the alternatives, and as such, why you might choose (or choose not) to do it.

Presenting for Sales People

This course will explore the different types of sales presentations and when you should use them, as well as show you some techniques and tips you should employ when planning your next presentation.

Always Be Closing

You can get everything right during a sales pitch, but if the close isn’t on point, it’s all for nothing. You need to learn how to end on a ‘yes’.

Selling to Power Buyers

As a salesperson, quite possibly one of the hardest tasks you’ll face is getting an audience with a real decision maker; the person who has the true spending authority –…

Selling Through Questioning

Questioning is to sales what arrows are to archery. Sort of. You’ll want to fill your quiver with a range of arrows, so you’ll always have the right one for the target. So don’t quarrel.

Mastering Cross-Cultural Negotiations

If you’re involved in any kind of international sales, you’ll need to know about cross-cultural negotiation.

Navigating Gatekeepers

The course is here to give you a few ideas whenever you’re in sales and worrying about getting stuck on your way to a decision maker.

Effective Listening

Listening during a sales conversation makes you appear more credible, create stronger rapport, and build lasting trust between you and your prospect.

Time Management

It’s a quick overview of some of the main things to do and keep in mind if you want to make the most of your sales productivity.

Sales Channel Partnerships

We’ll explain the reasons why companies enter into sales channel partnerships, the different sales partnerships available to business, and the different ways in which they can increase sales.

Introducing Yourself

In this course, we’ll give you some of the fundamentals to introducing yourself in a sales situation. This is more of an overarching good practice guide to bear in mind before you make that first, daunting call.

Do Your Research

Before you pick up the phone or open a new e-mail to contact a sales prospect, you should already be an expert on the people or organisation you are trying…

Commitment and Consistency

This bite-sized module explains that if you can actually get products in buyer’s hands, even if there is no official commitment to buy them, your chances of sales increase.


Having an understanding of how to close the sale is one of the most vital parts of the sales process. If you can’t close the sale, you can’t make the…

Be Likeable

Being likable will help you to influence people at all levels, and this course will help you to discover how to do that.

Authority and Social Proof

People tend to obey authority figures – no matter the circumstances. Discover how to apply this information to the sales process.

Follow Up

How many interactions does it take to get the sale? Discover the importance of following up during the sale using this course.

How to Influence

Influencing a prospect to buy is a challenge. Which is why it’s worth understanding the psychological principles behind the influencing process.

Know Your USP’s

You need to identify benefits that differentiate your product or service from the competition. Discover the importance of unique selling points.

Leave Something Behind

It is a good idea to leave something behind with the buyer which will make the conversation memorable. Find out all about leaving something behind.

Objection Handling

A potential buyer might be reluctant to agree to a sale, but a good sales person will use the power of persuasion to influence the decision. Find out how to…

Qualify Your Lead

Salespeople sometimes spend too long talking to prospects where there’s little hope of the prospect buying. We’ll teach you the importance of qualifying your leads.

Sales Mastery (Full Course)

Being a sales master is about being yourself and utilising what you have to maximum effect. Use this course to discover more.


A great way to influence a sale is to convince people that they’re missing out if they don’t act quickly.

Taking Notes

The simple act of taking sales notes can significantly improve your sales success.

The Pitch

Pitching can be a very daunting experience, but as with so many aspects of sales, the key to success is preparation. Discover the importance of the pitch.

The Power of Silence

Silence is a very powerful tool in sales. Find out why.

Use Humour

Humour can help with making the sale. So here’s an idea – how about mixing some humour into your sales process? Use this course to find out how.

Prospecting With Ease

This course helps you minimize prospecting anxiety by keeping the prospecting process simple and systematic. Learn how to prepare for a prospecting call and more.

Effective Questioning

Take the guesswork out of sales just by asking thoughtful questions. Here, we’ll look at 12 question types that’ll help you gain a competitive advantage.

Listening Skills: Transform Your Customer Interactions

Listening may be the most underrated skill in selling. Learn five listening techniques that will enhance your ability to establish trust and openness.

How to Engage Customers in Telephone Conversations

Some estimates claim a person loses over 60 percent of their ability to communicate over the phone. Learn how to make the most of your phone selling.

How to Handle Sales Objections

Customer objections can be gold as they’re a sign your customer or prospect is willing to share their concerns with you. Learn what you can do to help them.

Features, Advantages and Benefits

Think, FAB! This course will teach you the importance of features, advantages and benefits in selling.

Strategies for Professional Presentations

Learn about the “Rule of Threes” and the number six. Also learn the importance of engaging your listeners.

Mastering the Art of Negotiation

You can have the best sales training and still have something lacking. Negotiation skills are your missing link to success.

Closing with Confidence in Sales

“The close” feels like the most natural part of the sales process. But the best sales people manage this process instead of just letting it happen.

Presenting Compelling Presentations

You’ve made it all the way to the time to present your proposal. You’ve prospected. You’ve qualified and done discovery. How do you make the most of your presentation?

Time Management: Tips for Success

In this course, we focus on how you can become more efficient with your time. The more opportunities you can manage at a time, the better your chances of success.

Asking Questions

You cannot sell without gathering information and it’s tough to gather information without asking questions. This course will show you how to use questions during the sale.