Full Course List

60-Second Skills
Communication and Social Skills – Giving Feedback
Communication and Social Skills – Receiving Feedback
Communications and Social Skills – Resolving Conflict
First Aid – Bleeding
First Aid – Primary Survey
First Aid – Secondary Survey
Health and Wellbeing – Avoid Burning Out
Health and Wellbeing – Importance of Sleep
Health and Wellbeing – Positive Thinking
Health and Wellbeing – Relaxation Techniques
Health and Wellbeing – Switching off from Work
Health and Wellbeing- Letting Things Go
Leadership and Management – Stress Management
Leadership and Management – The Key to Delegation
Leadership and Management – Coaching Others
Life Hacks – Work and Life Balance
Management and Leadership – Dealing with Difficult Staff
Management and Leadership – Inclusive Leadership
Management and Leadership – Innovation and Culture
Management and Leadership – Learning Styles
Management and Leadership – Team Activities
Marketing Hacks – Defining Your Message
Marketing Hacks – Effective Brand Identity
Marketing Hacks – Finding Your Voice
Marketing Hacks – Increasing Your Brand Visibility
Marketing Hacks – Video Pitches
Marketing Hacks – Word of Mouth Marketing
Marketing Hacks – Building Brand Loyalty
Personal Development – Habits
Personal Development – Memory Skills
Personal Development – Mentoring
Personal Development – Networking
Personal Development – Personal Branding
Personal Development – Personal Vision Statements
Personal Development – Practicing Patience
Personal Development – Preventing Procrastination
Personal Development – Self-Esteem
Personal Development – Self-Limiting Beliefs

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Bloomberg C-Suite – Cadillac
Bloomberg C-Suite – Crossfit
Bloomberg C-Suite – Domino’s Pizza
Bloomberg C-Suite – Dunkin Brands
Bloomberg C-Suite – Seattle Sounders MLS
Bloomberg Game Changers – Apple, Steve Jobs
Bloomberg Game Changers – Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg
Bloomberg Game Changers – Google, Sergey Brin, Larry Page
Bloomberg Game Changers – Jay-Z
Bloomberg Game Changers – Jon Stewart
Bloomberg Game Changers – KKR, Henry Kravis
Bloomberg Game Changers – Netscape, Marc Andreessen
Bloomberg Game Changers – Oracle, Larry Ellison
Bloomberg Game Changers – Twitter, Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone
Bloomberg Game Changers – Amazon, Jeff Bezos
Bloomberg Game Changers – Craigslist, Craig Newmark
Bloomberg Game Changers – Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling
Bloomberg Game Changers – LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman
Bloomberg Game Changers – Magic Johnson
Bloomberg Game Changers – Mark Cuban
Bloomberg Game Changers – Netflix, Reed Hastings
Bloomberg Game Changers – News Corp, Rupert Murdoch
Bloomberg Game Changers – Ralph Lauren
Bloomberg Game Changers – Virgin Group, Richard Branson
Bloomberg Game Changers – Vogue, Anna Wintour
Bloomberg Game Changers – Warren Buffett
Bloomberg Studio 1.0 – Bill Maris, Google Venture
Bloomberg Studio 1.0 – Code.org – Ali and Hadi Partovi
Bloomberg Studio 1.0 – DropBox, Drew Houston
Bloomberg Studio 1.0 – EventBrite, Julia and Kevin Hartz
Bloomberg Studio 1.0 – Flickr and Slack, Stewart Butterfield,
Bloomberg Studio 1.0 – Harvard University, Drew Faust
Bloomberg Studio 1.0 – HBO’s Silicon Valley, Mike Judge and Alec Berg
Bloomberg Studio 1.0 – Hewlett Packard, Meg Whitman
Bloomberg Studio 1.0 – Instagram – Kevin Systrom
Bloomberg Studio 1.0 – LinkedIn, Jeff Weiner
Bloomberg Studio 1.0 – Lyft, John Zimmer, President and Co-Founder
Bloomberg Studio 1.0 – Melinda Gates
Bloomberg Studio 1.0 – Napster and Facebook, Sean Parker
Bloomberg Studio 1.0 – Nest, Tony Fadell
Bloomberg Studio 1.0 – Nikesh Arora
Bloomberg Studio 1.0 – Pandora, Tim Westergren
Bloomberg Studio 1.0 – Paypal, Max Levchin
Bloomberg Studio 1.0 – Satya Nadella
Bloomberg Studio 1.0 – Sheryl Sandberg
Bloomberg Studio 1.0 – Showtime, David Nevins
Bloomberg Studio 1.0 – Steve Ballmer
Bloomberg Studio 1.0 – Stripe, Patrick & John Collison
Bloomberg Studio 1.0 – Tim Cook
Bloomberg Studio 1.0 – YouTube, Susan Wojcicki
Bloomberg Studio 1.0 -Tumblr, David Karp
Bloomberg Studio 1.0 – Arianna Huffington
Bloomberg Studio 1.0 – Vinod Khosla
Care Certificate
Basic Life Support
COSHH Essentials – Care Certificate
Duty of Care
Equality and Diversity – Care Certificate
Fire Safety – Care Certificate
Fluid and Nutrition
Handling Information
Infection Prevention and Control
Introduction to Care Certificate
Introduction to Health and Safety
Lone Working – Care Certificate
Managing Stress – Care Certificate
Medication and Healthcare Tasks
Mental Health Awareness
Move and Assist Safely
Privacy and Dignity – Care Certificate
Safeguarding Adults – Care Certificate
Safeguarding Children – Care Certificate
Understand Your Role
Working in a Person-Centred Way
Working Safely and Securely – Care Certificate
Your Personal Development
Communication and Social Skills
Advanced Spelling – Suffixes and Capitalization
Advanced Uses of the Comma
Agenda Setting
Basic Uses of the Comma
Business Report Writing Skills
Common Word Usage Errors
Communication and Channels
Communication and Ethics
Communication Barriers
Communication Channels
Correct Word Usage
Decoding Indirect and Direct Messages
Everyday Word Usage Blunders
Good Communication
Interview Communication
Interview Skills
Introduction to Pronouns
Italics, the Apostrophe, Dash and Ellipses
Lead by Listening
Making Meetings Matter
Manage Meeting Personalities
Modifiers and Sentence Structure Varieties
Office Spelling – Confusing Homonyms, Compounds and Negative Formations
Overcoming Barriers to Workplace Communication
Parentheses, Brackets, the Hyphen, and the Slash
Pronoun Problems
Proper Grammar – Advanced Adverbs
Proper Grammar – Advanced Pronouns
Proper Grammar – Advanced Verbs
Proper Grammar – Articles, Determiners, Quantifiers, and Interjections
Proper Grammar – Introduction to Adverbs
Proper Grammar – Introduction to Verbs
Proper Grammar – Nouns
Proper Grammar – Prepositions
Proper Grammar – Adjectives
Proper Grammar – Conjunctions
Semicolon, Colon, and Quotation Marks
Spelling – Applying the Office Dictionary
Subject and Verb Relationships
The Business of Communication
The Period, Question Mark, and Exclamation Point
Transitions, Repetition, Parallelism and Avoiding Redundancies and Clichés
Typical Word Usage Problems
Understanding Communication
Understanding Linear and Circular Communication Styles
Using and Identifying Phrases
Using Clauses and Sentences
Using Predicates, Objects, Complements and Modifiers
Workplace Communication – Presentations and Nonverbal Communication
Conflict Management
Handling Conflict and Negotiation Ethically
Handling Conflicts in High-Value Relationships
Handling Conflicts in Low-Value Relationships
Identifying the Causes of Conflict
Managing Conflict
Managing Conflict in the Workplace
Productive Conflict Resolution – An Introduction
Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Model
Understanding Conflict in the Workplace
Win-Win Negotiations for Conflict Resolution
Customer Service
Complaint Handling
Customer Loyalty
Customer Service Success
Erfolgreich beim Kundenservice
Excellence in Customer Service
Éxito en el Servicio de Atención al Cliente
Five Steps to Problem-Solving and Diffusing Upset Customers
Handling Customer Complaints
Identifying and Exceeding Customer Needs
Introduction to Key Account Management
Is the Customer Always Right?
Key Account Management in Your Business
Mastering the Telephone: Basic Skills
Promocione su Valor de
Promote Your Service Value
Stellar Customer Service Best Practices
Telephone Etiquette
Vulnerable Customers
Werben Sie für Ihren Leistungswert
What Makes a Key Account Manager
Cyber Security
Cloud Computing
Computer Forensics – Investigations
Cryptography 1.0
Cyber Security Overview
Identity and Access Management
Internet of Things
Malware and Viruses
Network and System Compliance Auditing
Overview of Network and System Audits
Ransomware and Cybercrime
Ransomware Prevention – Preventing Attacks and Contingency
Social Engineering
Types of Ransomware, Acts, and Obligations
FCA Compliance
Subject Access Requests
Treating Customer Fairly
UK Financial Sanctions
Finance Skills
Analyse Financial Health with Ratios
Budget like a Boss
Budgeting Basics
Capital Budgeting Methods and When to Use Them
Cash Flow: Statements and Logistics
Costs, Volumes and Profits
Finance for Non-Finance Managers
Financial Documents 101
How to Maintain a Healthy Cash Flow
Income Statements Made Simple
The Accounting Equation
The Balance Sheet Explained
The Cash Flow Statement
Food Hygiene
Allergen Awareness
Food Hygiene Level 3
Food Safety – Cross Contamination
Food Safety and Hygiene for Retail, Level 2
Food Safety and Hygiene in Catering
Level 2 Food Safety and Hygiene for Catering
Health and Safety
Asbestos Awareness
Bloodborne Pathogens and Your Exposure Control Plan
COSHH Essentials (UK/EU)
CPR Basics for Everyone: Adult and Child
Dangers of Sleep Deprivation
Driver Safety Awareness
Driver Safety Awareness (US)
DSE Awareness
Ergonomics: Steps to Minimize Workplace-Related Injuries
Fire Safety Awareness
Fire Warden Essentials
Forklift Training  (UK/EU)
Hazard Identification and Risk Control
Health and Safety in the Workplace
Holding the Handrail
Infant CPR
Introduction to Working Safely
Lone Working
Manual Handling
Mobile Phones and Driving
PPE Awareness
Reverse Parking
See It, Sort It, Report It
Slips and Trips
Speeding on Site
Staying Safe in the Workplace
Texting While Walking
Why Emergency Preparedness Matters
Wire and Cable Management
Health and Wellbeing
Be Active
CBT and Mental Health – Anxiety and Panic Attacks
CBT and Mental Health – Bipolar Disorder
CBT and Mental Health – Borderline Personality Disorder
CBT and Mental Health – Introduction to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
De-stressing your Inner and Outer World
Dealing with Stressful People
Five Ways to Wellbeing
Healthy Eating at Work
Kick the Habit
Managing Employee Stress
Protecting Yourself – Stinging Insects
Protecting Yourself from Ticks and Mosquitoes
Protecting Yourself Poisonous Plants
Reducing Stress – Meditation and Visualization
Reducing Stress – Techniques to Relax
Reducing Stress Through Time Management
Stress at Work
Stress Management – Stress Awareness Comes First
Stress Management – Taking Care of Yourself
Stress, Emotions, and Ethics
The Dangers of Sitting
Understanding Emotion
What are Emotions?
What Can be Done About Job Stress
What is Stress?
Workplace Hygiene
Best Practices Für Einen Concierge 
Best Practices im Gastronomieservice
Cultural Awareness in Hospitality
Customer Expectations
Expectativas del Cliente – Español
Hospitalidad – Venta Persuasiva
Hospitality – Concierge Best Practices
Hospitality – Food Service Best Practices
Hotel und Gaststättengewerbe  Soft-Selling 
Mejores Prácticas del Sector Gastronómico
Mejores Prácticas Para La Conserjería
Soft Selling in Hospitality
Taking Care of Yourself First
Upselling in Hospitality
Affordable and Social Housing
Risk and Compliance in the Housing Sector
Safeguarding Adults for Housing
Safeguarding Children for Housing
Human Resources
A New Way to Train Employees
A Safe Workplace – OSHA and Right-to-Know Laws in the U.S.
Administration of a Collective Bargaining Agreement
American Disabilities Act (US)
Analyzing Pay Theories
Applying Management Styles in Organizations
Beginning Development for Training Programs
Building Framework for the Development of Training Programs
California Sexual Harassment Prevention for Employees (US)
California Sexual Harassment Prevention for Supervisors and Managers
Career Development Programs
Communication Styles and Emotional Intelligence
Compiling Employee Satisfaction Data
Completing and Conducting Employee Performance Appraisals
Completing the Framework for Developing Training Programs
Costs and Causes of Employee Turnover
Culture Series – Owning Up
Culture Series – Speaking Up
Culture Series – Standing Up
Culture Series – Valuing Diversity
Current Labor Challenges and Labor Laws in the U.S.
Dealing With Performance Issues
Deciding on a Pay System
Defining HR
Defining HR
Designing a Performance Appraisal System
Determining Internal and External Pay Factors
Determining International Employee Compensation in the U.S.
Developing a Compensation Package
Developing Employees
Directions of Communication in an Organization
Discipline and Grievance
Effective Absence Management
Email Management and Ethics
Employee Compensation and Benefits
Employee Personality and Fit
Employee Retention Strategies – Pay for Performance and Work-Life Balance
Employee Rights – Job Protection Rights in the U.S.
Employee Rights – Labor Unions in the U.S.
Employee Rights – Privacy
Employee Separation, Rightsizing and Layoffs
Expatriate Selection, Cultural Training and Other Considerations in the U.S.
Exploring Indian Culture
Exploring Latino Culture
Exploring Russian Culture
Exploring the Global Business Environment in the US
Exploring the Need for Labor Unions in the U.S.
Global Anti-Bribery and Corruption
Health Hazards at Work – Cumulative Trauma and Exposures
Health Hazards at Work – Promoting a Culture of Safety and Health
Health Hazards at Work – Stress in the US
Health Hazards at Work – Violence and Bullying in the U.S.
Hiring Employees
HR for Non-HR Managers
Human Resources Global Strategies in the U.S.
Implementing Retention Strategies
Importance of Training
Importance of Training
International Law for Expatriates in the U.S.
Introducing Human Resource Management
Introduction to Compensation and Benefits
Introduction to Employee Assessment
Introduction to Labor Unions in the U.S.
Introduction to Managing Employee Performance
Kalifornien Führungskräfteschulung zur Vermeidung sexueller Belästigung am Arbeitsplatz
Laws Relating to Pay in the US
Managing Employee Performance – A Look at Influences and Discipline
Managing Expatriates – Reducing Stress and Homesickness in the U.S.
Maximizing Productivity – Accommodations for Employees with Psychiatric Disabilities in the U.S.
More Methods for Training Delivery
Multiculturalism and the Law in the U.S.
New York Sexual Harassment Prevention (US)
Nonverbal Communication and Listening
Onboarding – Best Practices
Onboarding – Orientations
Onboarding – The Power of Day One
Onboarding – Transmitting Culture
Onboarding – Why You Should Care
Onboarding Tools
Organizing the Performance Appraisal Process and Conducting Appraisal Interviews
Pay Types and Considerations
PCI-DSS and Wireless Use
PCI-DSS Compliance Standards
PCI-DSS Relation to Data Cards and Equipment
Performance Appraisal System Errors and Legal Considerations
Performance Appraisals
Performance Reviews
Practicing Advanced Retention Strategies
Prävention von Sexueller Belästigung in New York
Prävention vor sexueller Belästigung in Kalifornien für Mitarbeiter
Prevención del Acoso sexual en California para Empleados
Prevención del Acoso Sexual en California para Supervisores y Gerentes 
Prevención del Acoso Sexual en Nueva York
Preventing Workplace Discrimination and Harassment for Employees
Preventing Workplace Discrimination and Harassment for Managers
Providing Government-Mandated Benefits
Providing Voluntary Benefits – Incentive Pay and Paid Time Off
Providing Voluntary Benefits – Medical Insurance and 401(k)s
Recruitment – Job Analysis and Job Descriptions
Recruitment – Process and Strategy
Recruitment Law, Part One – IRCA and Patriot Act in the U.S.
Recruitment Law, Part Two – EEO Set of Laws in the U.S.
Recruitment Strategies, Part One
Recruitment Strategies, Part Two
Retaining Your Best People
Right People/Right Role
Selecting New Employees – Criteria Development and Resume Review
Selecting New Employees – Interview Methods and Avoiding Mistakes
Selecting New Employees – Making the Offer
Selecting New Employees – Selection Methods
Selecting New Employees – Testing
Selecting New Employees – The Selection Process
Selecting New Employees – Types of Interviews and Interview Questions
Sexual Harassment Prevention
SOX Compliance 101
Staffing Internationally in the US
Termination of Employment
The Collective Bargaining Process in the US
The Four Stages of Employee Training
The U.S. Legal Environment in Human Resources
Types of Communication Styles in an Organization
Types of Management Styles in an Organization
Types of Professional Training for Employees
Types of Training for Employees
Understanding and Investigating Performance Issues
Understanding Performance Appraisal Methods – Part One
Understanding Performance Appraisal Methods – Part Three
Understanding Performance Appraisal Methods – Part Two
Understanding the Code of Conduct Policy
Unionization and Corporate Resistance in the U.S.
Utilizing Job Evaluation Systems
What is New Employee Onboarding?
What Makes a Great Place to Work
Working with Unions and Bargaining Breakdowns
I.T. Skills
Excel 2003-2010 Upgrade
Excel 2007 Advanced
Excel 2007 Basic
Excel 2007 Intermediate
Excel 2010 Advanced
Excel 2010 Basic
Excel 2010 Intermediate
Excel 2013 Advanced
Excel 2013 Basic
Excel 2013 Intermediate
Excel 2016 Advanced
Excel 2016 Basic
Excel 2016 Intermediate
Lync 2013 Basic
Office 2016 Advanced
Office 2016 Basic
Office 2016 Intermediate
Office 365 Basic
OneNote 2013 Basic
OneNote 2013 Intermediate
OneNote 2016 Basic
OneNote 2016 Intermediate
Outlook 2003-2010 Upgrade
Outlook 2007 Basic
Outlook 2007 Intermediate
Outlook 2010 Basic
Outlook 2010 Intermediate
Outlook 2013 Basic
Outlook 2013 Intermediate
Outlook 2016 Basic
Outlook 2016 Intermediate
PowerPoint 2003-2010 Upgrade
PowerPoint 2007 Basic
PowerPoint 2007 Intermediate
PowerPoint 2010 Basic
PowerPoint 2010 Intermediate
PowerPoint 2013 Advanced
PowerPoint 2013 Basic
PowerPoint 2013 Intermediate
PowerPoint 2016 Advanced
PowerPoint 2016 Basic
PowerPoint 2016 Intermediate
Project 2010 Basic
Project 2010 Intermediate
Publisher 2013 Advanced
Publisher 2013 Basic
Sharepoint Overview
Skype for Business 2016
Start Using Excel
Start Using Outlook
Start Using Powerpoint
Start Using Word
Visio 2010 Basic
Visio 2010 Intermediate
Visio 2013 Basic
Visio 2013 Intermediate
Visio 2016 Basic
Visio 2016 Intermediate
Windows 7 Basic
Windows 7 Intermediate
Word 2003-2010 Upgrade
Word 2007 Advanced
Word 2007 Basic
Word 2007 Intermediate
Word 2010 Advanced
Word 2010 Basic
Word 2010 Intermediate
Word 2013 Advanced
Word 2013 Basic
Word 2013 Intermediate
Word 2016 Advanced
Word 2016 Basic
Word 2016 Intermediate
Leadership and Management
A Motivators Tool Kit
Barriers to Communication Success, Part One
Barriers to Communication Success, Part Two
Become An Effective Leader, Part One
Become An Effective Leader, Part Two
Benefits and Pitfalls of Planning
Build Your Team
Building And Managing Your Dream Team
Business Advantages of an Environmental Management System
Business Writing Tips – Edit, Rewrite and Say It Right
Business Writing Tips: Make an Outline and a First Draft
Changing Organizational Culture
Changing the Culture of Your Organization
Choosing an Interview Format and Considering Legal Issues
Choosing the Best Person for the Task
Communication Skills all Managers Must Master
Competitive Advantage in Organizational Strategy
Conducting Effective Meetings
Constructive Feedback
Creating and Maintaining a Successful Organizational Culture
Creating and Maintaining the Culture of Your Organization
Defending Against Reverse Delegation
Delegación Efectiva
Delegate to Save Time and Develop Your Employees
Delegating Authority
Demystifying Management
Designing  Effective Teams
Developing Management Skills
Effective Delegation
Embedding Organizational Culture
Employee Motivation – Job Dimensions
Employee Motivation and Ethics
Essential Time Management Tools
Evolution of Management
Expectancy Theory
Extrinsic and Intrinsic Rewards
Feedback and Non-Verbal Communication
Five Tips for New Managers and Supervisors
Gain Control of Work Life Balances
Giving and Receiving Feedback
Goal Theory
Group Decision Making
Hire Team-Oriented Employees
How Perceptions and Expectations Affect Motivation
How to Avoid and Manage Conflict
How to Hire the Right People
Human Resources – The Cornerstone of Successful Organizations
Identifying Obstacles to Organizational Change
Identifying the Culture of Your Organization
Implementing the Strategic Plan
Increasing Team Effectiveness
Inspirational Leadership
Interview and Selection
Introduction to Discipline
Introduction to Performance Appraisals and Appraisal Systems
Job Rotation, Motivation and Morale
Key Tools and Knowledge for Team Leading
Key Tools and Knowledge of Motivation
Keys to Lively and Effective Meetings
Leadership versus Management
Leading Team Meetings
Linking Ethical Behavior to Your Organization’s Structure
Maintaining Organizational Culture
Making a Plan that Works
Making Effective Decisions
Manage Your Time By Organizing Paperwork
Management Skills – What Does it Take?
Management, Communication and Growth
Managing Change
Managing Change in Your Organization
Managing Team Development
Managing Teams
Managing Virtual Teams
Marketing the Culture of Your Organization
Maslow’s Theory of Motivation
Matching Applicants with Job Specifications and Conducting Interviews
Maximizing the Benefits of Your Organization’s Structure
Minimizing Gossip and Rumor
Motivating Employees – Job Design
Motivating Employees – Performance Appraisals
Motivating Employees – Performance Incentives
Motivating Your People and Being a Positive Role Model
Motivation – Ethical Strategies
Motivation – Need-based Theories
Motivation – Process-Based Theory
Motivation and Job Performance
Motivation-Expectancy Theory
Motivational Theorists Whose Theories Work in Practice
Operational Plans – Budgeting
Operational Plans – The Single Use Plan
Operational Plans – The Standing Plan
Organization for Efficiency
Organizational Strategy
Orientation – Where Do We Go From Here?
Performance – A Manager’s Responsibility
Performance – Coaching Conversations
Performance – Goal Setting
Performance – Systems View
Performance and Feedback Coaching
Planning at the Top and Senior Level
Principles of Planning
Promoting an Ethical Culture in Your Organization
Put On Your Manager’s Hat
Quantify Performance Goals if Possible
Rational Decision-Making
Recruiting New People
Self-Evaluation and Common Pitfalls in Performance Appraisals
Setting Sound Goals
SMART Objectives
Speaking and Listening
Strategic Planning at its Best
Team Autonomy and Degrees of Freedom
Team Design Characteristics
Team Training, Compensation, and Recognition
Teams and Ethics
Terminating Employees
The Decision-Making Process – Part One
The Decision-Making Process, Part 2
The Disciplinary and Grievances Process
The External Environment
The Four Levels of Management
The Progressive Discipline Process
The Team and its Members
The Team and the Organization
The Theory of Reinforcement
Time Management for Managers
Tips for Conducting a Performance Evaluation
Tools and Knowledge for Successful Plans
Top 10 Mistakes of Managers
Tracking Progress with Controls
Transitioning to Management – The First Year
Types of Organizational Plans
Understanding Motivation
Understanding Successful Negotiation
Understanding the Impact of Culture in Your Organization
What Managers Need to Know about Managing Change
Why Teamwork Works
Work Team Characteristics
Work Teams – Some Basic Guidelines
Work Teams – Types and Environments
Working with the Confused Employee
Working within the General and Specific Environment
A Tactical Guide to SEO and PPC
Benefits of Events that Drive ROI
Customer Marketing
Email Marketing
Essential KPIs for the Modern Marketer
Find Your Brand Voice With Killer Content Marketing
Marketing Strategy that Drives Effectiveness
Multi-Channel Marketing: Coordination, Cohesion and Results
Social Media Marketing
The Inbound Marketer’s Playbook
Online Social Presence
LinkedIn – Creating an Effective Profile
LinkedIn – Finding a Job
LinkedIn – Finding Job Candidates
LinkedIn – How Connections Work
LinkedIn – Making the most of InMails
LinkedIn – Newsfeeds, Posts and Articles      
LinkedIn – The Basics 
LinkedIn – Understanding Groups
YouTube – Creating Content
YouTube – Tips and Best Practice
YouTube – What is YouTube
Personal Development
Be Assertive the Right Way
Coaching Skills
Conflict Management
Creative Problem Solving
Decision-making Excellence
Developing Resilience
Effective Communication
Emotional Intelligence
Facebook – Facing the Facts
Gestión de Conflictos 
Helping Yourself and Others through Change
Introduction to NLP
Managing Stress
Negotiation and Influencing People
NLP – Unconscious Eye Movement
Presenting with Power
Productivity and Time Management
Team Working Excellence
The Public Speaking Guru – Confidence Builder
The Public Speaking Guru – Presenting with Impact
The Public Speaking Guru – Speech Writing
Policy and Compliance
Alcohol and Drugs at Work
Anti-Money Laundering
Bribery Act
Challenge 25
Consequences of Careless Social Media Use in the Workplace
Consumer Rights
Contract Management
Current Trends in Privacy
Cyber Security Risks and Social Media
Cyber Security: How to Stay Safe Online
Data Protection 2017
Dealing with Extremism and Terrorism Awareness
Environmental Awareness
EU Competition Law
Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter Policies for Every Employee
Freedom of Information Act
GDPR Express
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Global Privacy Law Fundamentals
Harassment and Bullying at Work
Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace
HIPAA Privacy and Security 101
Information Security 101
IT Security for the Remote Worker and Business Traveller
Mental Health at Work
Mobile and Portable Device Security
Modern Slavery
Overview of FCRA (US)
PCI-DSS  – German (UK/EU)
PCI-DSS  – Spanish (UK/EU)
Personal Social Media Use at the Workplace
Preparing for an Active Shooter Situation
Privacy 101: Get to Know the Basics
Privacy and Online Behavior: How to Protect Yourself
Reglamento General de Protección de Datos – Español
Right to Work
Safeguarding Adults – Care Certificate
Safeguarding Children – Care Certificate
Security and Privacy Controls
Seguridad de la Información 101
Sexual Harassment Prevention in the Workplace
Social Media Awareness
Tackling Hate Crime
Understanding Cyber Security
Understanding Sexual Harassment – What Everyone Needs to Know
Using Social Media to Represent Your Employer
What is FCPA? (U.S.)
Working Safely and Securely – Care Certificate
Workplace Security: What You Need to Know
Project Management
Close Your Project Successfully
Introduction to Project Management
Project Design
Project Development and Testing
Project Preparation
Project Strategy and Business Case
Support and Benefits Realisation
Training and Business Readiness
Be a Retail Hero
Connect with a Customer
Fitting Room Advice
Meet and Greet
Service at the Till
Sales Mastery
Always Be Closing
Asking Questions
Aufbau eines Vertrauensverhältnisses zu Ihren Kunden
Authority and Social Proof
Be Likeable
Captar Clientes con Soltura
Closing with Confidence in Sales
Commitment and Consistency
Do Your Research
Effective Listening
Effective Questioning
Establecer confianza con los clientes
Establishing Trust with Customers
Features, Advantages and Benefits
Follow Up
Handling Objections in Sales
How to Engage Customers in Telephone Conversations
How to Handle Sales Objections
How to Influence
Introducing Yourself
Know Your USP’s
Kundenakquise leicht Gemacht
Leave Something Behind
Listening Skills: Transform Your Customer Interactions
Mastering Cross-Cultural Negotiations
Mastering the Art of Negotiation
Navigating Gatekeepers
Negotiating Electronically
Objection Handling
Presenting Compelling Presentations
Presenting for Sales People
Prospecting With Ease
Qualify Your Lead
Sales Channel Partnerships
Sales Mastery (Full Course)
Selling Through Questioning
Selling to Power Buyers
Strategies for Professional Presentations
Taking Notes
The Pitch
The Power of Silence
Time Management
Time Management: Tips for Success
Use Humour
Toolbox Talks
Abrasive Wheels
Alcohol at Work
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Confined Spaces
Construction Dust
Dangers of Working at Night
Electrical Cord Safety
Eye Protection
Falling Objects
Fire Classification and Equipment
Fire Detection and Response
Fire Prevention
Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome
Head Protection
Importance of Good Housekeeping
Introduction to Fire Safety
Legionnaire’s Disease
Noise and Hearing Protection
Safe Working with Lift Trucks
Sharps Injuries
Step Ladder Safety
Working Alone
Working at Height
Workplace Vehicle Safety