As a leading communications company in the UK, BT serves the broadband, phone, TV and mobile needs of customers in the UK and in more than 170 countries worldwide. Employing over 105,000 employees, the business has complex training challenges, with staff working in 8 distinct, customer-facing business units including retail, call centre, engineers and more. Time poor and limited access to computers meant the L&D team needed a diverse solution which enabled them to meet the unique, complex needs of every learner.

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Having already introduced a learning management system, BT was seeking a training solution which allowed them to deliver consistent training to employees across the entire business. With each of the 8 units undertaking business very differently, the team were keen to ensure that regardless of the learner’s role, they were served consistent training experiences.

With the LMS experiencing over 30,000 monthly visitors regularly, the platform was getting traffic but it wasn’t being used to its full potential. The system, although visited regularly, lacked core learning material. The L&D team at BT were also keen to digitise a lot of their current face-to-face training and transform it into short, succinct interventions; the time-poor nature of many of their staff meant these bite-size sessions would help to maximise on short downtime periods most employees have.

Adam Goodsearles, Business Partner at BT, said:

“We had a quite well-used learning platform on our intranet, which although was getting up to 30,000 unique users a month, wasn’t being used to its full potential. On top of that, we were offering a high volume of face-to-face training which wasn’t really conducive with the digital experience our learners wanted. So, we sought to find a solution which would fulfil the needs of our learners and allow us to digitalise our offering.”


To enable uniformity of training at BT, the team sought to initially create and deliver 18 core skills which the majority of the business would extract some value from. These core competencies cover areas such as stakeholder management, negotiation and conflict management.

After exploring their options, the L&D team at BT decided to use Litmos Heroes to fulfil their complex requirements. The Content Hub provided access to over 2,500 courses and videos and over 15,000 blended learning resources (including infographics, workbooks, imagery, videos and more) and also ensured the team had access to a huge volume of short, bite-sized video training. Because implementation is so straightforward, the team were able to upload all of the files for the 18 competencies to their LMS in less than three weeks.

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“The content at Litmos Heroes meant that we were actually able to deliver quite an ambitious project in really short timescales. This was really huge for us as a team because it showed our stakeholders that we could deliver at pace, which was also really useful to them.

We like Litmos Heroes’ content because it’s bite-size, flexible and it’s useful and useable for our people. They can get it when they need it and make a difference to their performance or skill level when they need it most.”

As the team continues to develop their L&D offering, they are seeking to introduce BYOD, something that the mobile-ready elearning content from Litmos Heroes fully supports, enabling the business to grow at pace with a training product which scales with them. They are also exploring what other elements of the huge content library they can leverage next to further upskill their varied workforce.