Founded in 1988, Carpetright is a leading retailer of floor coverings and beds. Employing 3000+ people in 426 stores in the UK, they were met with a challenge many retailers face: how to engage and train employees that are rarely at a desk? How do you reach the (almost) unreachable? Carpetright’s L&D team were tasked with one mission: revitalise training and delivery in the business and improve engagement of learners.

After extensive research and adoption of a social LMS, Carpetright approached Litmos Heroes as a solution for training content because of the nature of training offered: short, succinct and modern training experiences that stimulate and engage the learner; an approach that directly aligned with Carpetright’s training goals.

Going live with a learning platform and content in just 12 weeks, they have seen impressive success in both employee engagement and usage rates, resulting in a successful overhaul of their entire training function and approach.


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Meeting the needs of a complex learner landscape

Carpetright’s training challenges were:

  • Time poor staff – Most employees are on the shop floor and don’t have the time (or inclination) to prioritise training.
  • Disengaged colleagues – Outdated content and siloed training experiences disconnected learners.
  • Multi-generational teams – Contending with a multi-generational workforce meant existing training approaches weren’t working.
  • Outdated systems – An old LMS providing ‘clicky’ compliance training, only accessible through the intranet, made training challenging.

After gathering feedback Carpetright discovered an appetite to evolve and modernise training to overcome these challenges. Their plan was to develop a new social learning system that housed all training, encouraging colleagues to learn from and share with one another as well as introduce a comprehensive range of engaging content, in bite-size video format which was always available (powered by mobile technology).

After choosing their learning platform, the next step was to find bite-sized training that would fit with their social learning approach. The range of courses available in Litmos Heroes complemented their style and approach, and the content Carpetright was already creating – so they signed up and had their learning content and resources available within just 2 weeks.

The style of content was not the only reason Carpetright signed up: a key part of our service delivery is providing customers with new weekly content, free of charge. Since Carpetright have been a customer, we have added thousands of additional modules to their library, without them incurring any additional costs.

Engagement and usage dramatically increases

Litmos Heroes’ content played an integral part in helping Carpetright launch their new LMS quickly, meaning they provided engaging, informative learning on a range of subjects immediately.

From launch the team set about promoting it, with an emphasis on ‘taking control of your own learning’, highlighting the benefits of development for both the business and for learners as individuals. Litmos Heroes’ complementary resources, including the supporting workbooks, enabled teams to embed the learning throughout the business and drive awareness of the new system.

Since launch, Carpetright have had over 100,180 views of the Litmos Heroes content and over 5,300+ courses completed. Mobile usage is also now over 65% of all logins. Their new platform has 80,000 page views per day, rising to over 100,000 on busy days, compared to their old platform which only had 12 mandatory health and safety modules that had to be completed as part of induction.

Employees have gone from disillusioned to inspired and have access to learning content that is available anytime, anywhere and most importantly when it suits them. It’s fun, so they come back again to see it, use it, like it and share it.

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“Before the implementation of our new platform and working with Litmos Heroes, we had outdated systems and small range of un-engaging training content. We have now moved into the world of social learning where engaging, fun, bite-sized micro-learning is available whenever and wherever our colleagues want it and it’s fundamental in helping us to achieve our business vision.” – Lyn Rutherford, HR Director, Carpetright

Maximising time and driving connections with time-poor staff

Saving the world from boring learning is our business mission and we’re delighted to say that Carpetright shares that mission with us. Our fresh learning content has been an integral part in driving the successful launch (and adoption) of their new social LMS; continuing to reach learners and compel them to return to undertake training time and time again. Litmos Heroes has been critical at supporting Carpetright to overcome their core training challenges and transform the perceptions of training in the business from negative to positive.

By delivering short, consumable content that is interesting and fun, hosted on a much more accessible LMS, Carpetright was able to get training to their staff when they need it most. With most videos being no more than 2 minutes, learners are able to maximise their pockets of downtime and develop continuously whilst at work.

Equally, prior to launch many of Carpetright’s employees were completely disinterested in training. It was difficult to access and the traditional ‘click-next’ compliance elearning left learners bored and apathetic towards learning. Litmos Heroes helped Carpetright to awaken their learners in several ways:

  • Provide learning that was fun to take and short enough to maintain even the shortest of attention spans.
  • Enhance the L&D team’s ability to drive interest and awareness of training, by furnishing them with a range of blended learning resources that support training including videos, infographics, posters, workbooks, trailers and more.
  • Continue to release new content to the library, ensuring the content populated in the LMS remains fresh, not static.

Since implementation, Carpetright has seen a massive increase in engagement, with many learners recommending videos to one another, showing that the LMS and Litmos Heroes content has driven a dramatic, positive shift in learner perceptions. Regardless of the generation or age of the learner, they love it, showing that organisations can overcome the challenge of delivering training that satisfies the learner.

“Before our colleagues weren’t inspired to learn, now because it’s fun they come back again and again, and the range of knowledge they are gaining is helping us to become great communicators, learn new ways of thinking and team working and become mindful leaders. As a result, Litmos Heroes have become our heroes.” – Sarah Menday, Head of Talent & Development, Carpetright