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Celtic Manor is one of Europe’s finest five-star destinations for business events, golfing getaways, and luxury escapes in South Wales. Famously hosts to the Ryder golf cup in 2010 and the NATP conference in 2014, they boast three hotels, one country inn with rooms, three championship golf courses, eight restaurants, two spas, and two clubhouses.

They currently employ over 1100 members of staff across these sites and continue to grow.

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Core training challenges for Celtic Manor

Celtic Manor, spread across over 2000 acres of resort, has some unique training challenges. Prior to implementing Litmos Heroes, they were spending huge amounts of time delivering a traditional L&D prospectus which covered workshops and classroom based training. This meant a lot of their L&D resource was spent on administration, instead of focusing on connecting training with their employees. They spent reams of energy trying to reach staff in a consistent manner and carving out time for staff to be able to experience what they need in terms of professional development.

Equally, as their staff are geographically dispersed and rarely in front of a computer, getting the right information to the right people, at the right time, was becoming a huge headache. Staff didn’t have time to do long winded elearning courses, and equally it was proving disruptive to remove employees from work for lengthy classroom training sessions. In looking for new solutions to their challenges, their goal was simple: put more ownership for training into the employee’s hands, where they can drive and own their learning experiences.

Meeting the needs of their learners

Celtic Manor’s L&D team wanted to incorporate new delivery methods to work alongside their traditional learning approaches to better align with the expectations of their learners. They knew that their workforce comprised of predominantly young employees, with 65% of employees being either millennials and Gen Zs, so wanted a proposition that would re-connect with them and better grasp their attention.

They also needed something that supported the mobility and protean nature of their employees, meaning their learning content had to be accessible on mobile devices too. After talking with a multitude of suppliers for a new learning content library, Celtic Manor selected Litmos Heroes as their partner due to the fun, informative and accessible nature of their learning content.

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“We have really started to see far more ownership and proactiveness, with people taking charge of their own learning. What’s more important is that all the Litmos Heroes content is readily available; none if it is mandatory. The fact that employees are using it without being pushed shows that there is a natural movement towards self-driven development, which is exactly what we were aiming for.”

Transitioning to Blended Learning

Using Litmos Heroes’ extensive library of learning resources, consisting of workbooks, infographics, video clips and trailers and imagery, Celtic Manor have been able to evolve beyond a purely classroom-based training approach, and instead offer learners a more modern and blended training environment. They often use the video content in classroom environments or provide learners with resources to follow up with online after the face-to-face sessions.

Celtic Manor curates their training content for learners into themes, often drawing on pertinent news issues or social challenges, meaning the training they deliver to employees is timely, appropriate and relevant. This campaign approach to delivering learning that drives engagement with their employees helps them to get hundreds of module completions every month.

The results? Learners love it, with the elearning content getting a really positive response across the business. The L&D team even have Litmos Heroes champions – learners who love the content so much that any time new training programmes are sent out, they complete them all the same day (wouldn’t we all love learners like that?). Tracy Israel, Head of Learning and Development at Celtic Manor commented: “It really does do what it says: it’s entertaining, it’s informative and it’s definitely not boring. Definitely. Not. Boring.”