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iQ Student Accommodation was established in 2016 and is now one of the largest providers of student accommodation in the UK. They provide the best home-from-home environment from which students can make the most of the opportunities open to them.

With over 57 properties in their portfolio and over 24,500 beds, their employees are dispersed across the country, often working and training remotely.

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Reaching remoter workers with timely training

Following a recent merger between Prodigy Living and iQ Student Accommodation, the new iQ Student Accommodation brand found themselves with a large volume of nationally dispersed employees, all with specific training needs. They were struggling to deliver training to staff in a timely manner, with many of them shackled to the classroom to receive the training they require, taking critical time away from their jobs.

The team at iQ Student Accommodation historically offered classroom-based Health and Safety training across three sites, however due to the impact this was having on employee time away from the job, the team decided it was time to refresh their outdated training and look at delivering more digital solutions to support the ongoing learning requirements of their employees.

After introducing and launching a new learning platform, the team were on the lookout for a learning content solution which would help to support their requirements.


After choosing Litmos Heroes due to their ease of use and flexible range of training resources, the team were able to get rid of a lot of their outdated training. They used the supplied animations and elearning content to create and shape new learning plans to supplement what they already had.

“We love the level of flexibility we have with the content – we’ve used the video clips as part of our bespoke elearning and used the provided workbooks to create online assessments to test our learners understanding. This has enabled us to create more personalised experiences for our staff and tweak the content to better align with our brand.” – Angel Conley, Head of Learning and Development

The L&D team have also taken some of the videos and animations from the Litmos Heroes library and put them into an elearning wrapper, allowing them to further personalise and tailor the learning content to their brand and staff.

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“Litmos Heroes has allowed me to get the really important training out to people easily and quickly, such as health and safety. It’s simple to use, fun and effective and quick to implement. We’ve had really positive feedback from our learners and I recommend Litmos Heroes to anyone out there who is looking for engaging and fun content.”

Positive impact for learners and business

The initial feedback from the business and learners alike are unanimous – they love it. Learners comment that it’s fun, quick and simple and easy to understand – and they now spend less time travelling to, and participating in, classroom-based training.

As well as positively impacting learners’ sentiment towards training in iQ Student Accommodation, there have been measurable improvements in the L&D function as a whole. The team participates in Towards Maturity’s benchmarking annually and have seen a noticeable evolution in their ability to deliver and meet the training needs of their learners.

Recent research conducted by Toward Maturity Index (TMI) and iQ Student, which measures how a company has implemented their learning technologies across 6 works streams of good practice and benchmarks them against other organisations has report showed some astonishing results.

The TM index average is 49.70 and iQ Student Accommodation achieved a 30% higher score of 70.25 across 6 key areas. The Engagement Index is a key part of this and is an indication of how well companies engage stakeholders and manage change. The current TM Benchmark for engagement is 6.25 and iQ Student Accommodation scored 7.80, which is an astonishing result achieved in a short period of time.

My iQ Learning has changed how we learn at iQ. With innovative learning plans and engaging videos to help us learn and share knowledge interactively.” – Rachel Power – Head of Internal Communications