Founded in 2009, Missguided is a UK-based multi-channel retailer selling clothes aimed at 16-35 year old women. They employ around 700 staff across the UK based in their HQ to support e-commerce efforts, as well as several concession and flagship retail stores across the UK.

In September 2017 Missguided added a brand-new L&D function to their organisation, tasked with giving staff the opportunity to access elearning. They aimed to offer a broad range of training from induction through to systems, as well as specific competence training, namely the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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Introducing formal training for the first time

Up until Autumn 2017 the Missguided staff didn’t have access to a L&D function, or indeed any form of formal training. This meant that the newly formed Learning and Development team at Missguided had a challenge on their hands – prove the value of learning to an audience who’s never had training. They sought to answer one key question: “Why do I need to do training now?”

After selecting to use Litmos Heroes to fulfil their training requirements, the team set about removing the inertia of implementing training within the business, working hard to manage learners’ expectations around pace of delivery.

Speaking of creating the digital learning offering at Missguided, Tim Roberts, L&D Business Partner said:

“The challenge for us was also our opportunity, in that we had a completely blank page to start with. We knew there would be hesitancy from staff around adoption, but I also knew Litmos Heroes would play its role in encouraging our staff to undertake training and get them connected to learning.”

Access to netflix-style, on-demand training

Having used Litmos Heroes in a previous role and gotten great results, Tim was keen to introduce the bite-sized video training into Missguided. Tim and his team were particularly enthused about the on-demand learning model of Litmos Heroes, where a subscription is paid and they continue to get more and more content as part of the package, with no hidden fees.

“The beauty of Litmos Heroes is that you just continue to get stuff without asking – whether that be new courses, new videos or new blended learning resources. Working with the team is very easy – I find the Customer Delight team fantastic to work with, I love that there’s no drawn-out contracts or discussions – it’s nice and simple. You pay and you get it.”

Although the team initially wanted to offer just GDPR training to staff, by subscribing they now have access to health and safety and onboarding training, as well as thousands of blended learning resources, enabling them to raise the confidence of staff prior to workshop training and create a more multi-channel training environment.

Launching with GDPR at its heart

GDPR compliance and training is a huge focus of Missguided. This critical training has been used to launch both the L&D function and Litmos Heroes within the business. The L&D team are using the video training content as a way of raising awareness and achieving the internal target of everyone being trained in GDPR; both how it applies to their roles and when it takes effect.

Because the business was just establishing their L&D function, they did not have an LMS to launch and track any elearning. They therefore decided to use Litmos Heroes’ free LMS – which enabled speed of implementation and quick delivery of the elearning within Missguided.

Since its soft launch, over ¼ of the HQ staff have willingly undertaken the mandatory GDPR training – showing a huge lean towards self-driven learning from the get go. As the L&D team continue to evolve their strategy, they have begun to deliver leadership training and will be able to make use of an extensive library of content and resources, even though they just needed GDPR training initially.

“I believe in the power of the way that Litmos Heroes create and deliver their learning and knew it would have an impact on our learners. The fact that over ¼ of our HQ staff have taken the GDPR course off their own back is a testament the strength of the course. I love the way Litmos Heroes work – their attitude is always one of support and helpfulness.” – Tim Roberts, L&D Business Partner, Missguided